Grave Robbers by Sarah Sawyer

Uncovering The Truth

Grave Robbers by Sarah Sawyer is a historical western and the third book in the Doc Beck series. I recommend reading books one and two first for consistency of characters and linear plot progression.

Once more there is the delightful and loyal partnership of Doc Beck and Just Jimmy. The banter with the air of fun continues. “God seems to have me in places where I hear things I need to hear.” The pair have an unbreakable bond and look out for each other.

Doc Beck is determined to get to the truth, in contrast to others who sweep it under the carpet. She believes in justice for all, and for the murder not to be pinned on the wrong villain. She is courageous in her pursuit of the truth. Although I must admit I was surprised at the lengths to which she would go.

The town is ruled by very sexist males believing Doc Beck is good for doctoring but not for autopsies.

The inclusion of a show trail was reminiscent of Russia under Stalin.

Grave Robbers was another exciting offering from Sarah Sawyer with the ending perfectly poised for book four.

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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