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Shaft Of Truth by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

Walk Humbly

Shaft Of Truth by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer is a fabulous Christian historical novel set in 1894 and continues the Choctaw Tribune series. This is book three. I recommend you read the previous two books first for maximum enjoyment and to really appreciate the action here.

This was a thrilling read – my jaw literally dropped open at one point for an amazing ‘wow’ moment. I certainly failed, as always, to spot it coming. Thank you Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer for keeping me on my toes.

The novel shows the importance of family. Family motivates actions. Family unites and family pulls together. The reader sees the importance of taking care of widows and orphans. There is beautiful relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Revenge is a powerful motivator. It also turns our hearts to stone. We must dispense forgiveness, put revenge aside and leave any judging or retribution to God.

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Traitors by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

God Knows

Traitors by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer is another epic Christian historical novel. It is the second book in the Choctaw Tribune series which I am loving.

The action is set in 1893, concerning the Choctaw people who are still receiving abuse and being viewed as second class citizens. “God created only one race – the human race.”

Those building their lives on wealth and power go to extraordinary lengths to silence the truth. “My brother stands for truth… makes him unpopular with a great many.” We don’t need the affirmation of man. We need to speak the truth and live with a clear conscience.

Once again we follow our plucky young heroine who is ahead of the times in her thinking and actions. Not content with just writing the truth, she is concerned with tracking down the perpetrators of crime and bringing them to justice.

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The Executions by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

Mightier Than The Pen

The Executions by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer is a marvellous Christian historical novel and the first book in the Choctaw Tribune series.

I was completely engrossed from the start as I travelled back to 1892 and Indian Territory. The novel surrounds the Choctaw people. They are a peaceful people with the two main characters being in charge of the local paper. “We need people to stand up and speak truth.” They will not sugar coat the news, they tell the facts and reveal the injustices. This makes them unpopular with the local white people.

The reader witnesses the horrors of the times – the lynching’s, the racial prejudices, belief that the white man is supreme. It is a time of ignorance and poor choices for some. “Things didn’t just happen. They resulted from a chain of choices that eventually… shackled a man.” We will always have the choice to do the right thing.

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Anumpa Warrior by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer


Anumpa Warrior: Choctaw Talkers Of WWI by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer is a marvellous epic Christian historical read preserving the memory of the role of the Choctaw Indians in WWI. I knew nothing about these brave men but have been educated upon reading this book.

The reader is given some background into the treatment of the Choctaws in America. Horrifically they could be punished for speaking their own language and were seen as inferior to white Americans. Ironically it would be their native tongue that would play a crucial role in WWI.

The Choctaw people were not savages, although the Germans believed them capable of barbaric acts and were scared of them. The Choctaws knew God, thanks to missionaries. “I didn’t have the answers for all the tragedies in this corrupted world, but I knew the eternal answer.” When life is tough we must focus on the world to come. The Choctaws knew to put their trust in God. “He was all around me, in life and death… I made the decision to put my trust in Him.”

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