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Paw Prints by Morgan J Muir

The Bond Of Love

Paw Prints by Morgan J Muir is a beautiful simple picture book about the death of a pet.

The book is beautifully illustrated. The pictures provide an ideal starting place for a discussion about loss with our children.

The reader can ‘feel’ the loss and the gap left behind by a beloved pet dog. Grief leaps from the pages.

Simple text helps even the very young understand the message. Each page provides chances to discuss the action and the feelings.

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Love Finds A Way by Jae Blessing

The Gift Of Love

Love Finds A Way by Jae Blessing is a delightful Christian short story and the second story in the Jubilee Series but can be read as a stand-alone.

It is a story about the love of God and His faithfulness at all times. Things happen in life that hurt but God never lets us face them alone. The story reveals how God gives a gift of love.

There is more to life than just work. We do need to earn a living but when work takes over and is our main focus, we have a problem. The story discusses this and shows how a character receives a wake-up call.

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Will God Still Find Me? by Vikki Walton

Simple But Powerful

Will God Still Find Me? By Vikki Walton is a delightful picture book based on Romans 8:39 “neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

The book has simple rhymes backed up with repetition. Its message is simple and clear, providing a perfect starting point for a discussion about God’s love.

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Rachel’s Pudding Pantry by Caroline Roberts

A Warm Welcome

Rachel’s Pudding Pantry by Caroline Roberts is a deliciously wonderful feel-good contemporary offering. It will warm your heart and soul.

The novel is a real assault on all your senses, with much of the action around puddings. The reader can almost ‘taste’, ‘smell’ and ‘see’ the delicacies. My taste buds were awakened as I read. It is very pleasing to have recipes included at the back of the book.

The characters are as warm and welcoming as the kitchen they cook in. The majority are female with the nurturing touch that wraps around the reader. The characters are multi-generational as three generations try to recover from a tragedy.

Much of the action is set on a Northumberland farm. Comprehensive descriptions enable the reader to ‘walk’ through the landscape.

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