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The Binding by Bridget Collins

Well Executed

The Binding by Bridget Collins is an epic historical fantasy that will have you questioning as you read. There are elements of the Gothic horror tradition within the tale. I do not normally read this genre but The Binding intrigued me, held my attention and awakened my curiosity.

There is power in story-telling and Bridget Collins has certainly woven a splendid tale. We all have memories that we’d like to forget but what happens when we really need to remember the past, but cannot? This unique and well thought out tale explores that theme. There were other themes within the tale that I was not comfortable with but I recognise that Bridget Collins is a masterful story-teller.

Within the tale there are those who use and exploit others, as well as those who seek the truth.

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A Promise Child by Kathryn Spurgeon

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

A Promise Child by Kathryn Sprugeon is a powerful Christian historical tale about the author’s grandparents and their experiences in 1930’s America. The period was one of depression. People suffered but survived due to their hope and faith. “Hope was something we could share with others.” Hope is infectious. It is life sustaining. Without hope, we die.

Faith was vital to pull you through the tough times. “I didn’t have an answer but I knew I must hold on to the faith God had given us.” We will never have all the answers this side of eternity but we have to trust that God is good. He will not abandon us to suffer alone.

In the hard times it is natural to question God. We wonder where He is and why He doesn’t act? We need to remember that God’s ways are not our ways but He is still faithful even when we don’t understand.

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More Than Enough by Lorna Seilstad

Under His Wings

More Than Enough by Lorna Seilstad is a beautiful contemporary Christian novel about the restorative love of God. It is part of the Mosaic Collection but can be read as a stand-alone.

At the heart of the novel there is brokenness. “God’s love can shine through our brokenness.” Life deals us blows and we believe the lie that we are too broken to be loved by anyone. We even doubt God’s promises, believing they are for everyone else. “His promises aren’t for everyone else… They are for you.” God loves each and every one of us, no one is too far from His love.

God is our perfect Heavenly Father. Our earthly fathers may let us down but God will never fail us.

There is a foster family in the novel who show unconditional love to vulnerable children. “Mom Cat refused to stop loving the angry girl, no matter how bad she got.” This is a picture of God’s love for us. He loves us in spite of our moods and emotional outbursts. He loves us with an everlasting unconditional love and he passionately pursues us until we come home to Him. “He’s pursuing her.”

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The Sisters Of Auschwitz by Roxane Van Iperen

Lights In A Time Of Darkness

The Sisters Of Auschwitz by Roxane Van Iperen is the true story of Jewish Dutch sisters Janny and Lien Brilleslijper who resisted the Nazis in occupied Netherlands.

Whilst everyone has heard of the Frank sisters, few have heard of the Brilleslijper sisters. Yet they met each other in Westerbork, Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen. The Brilleslijper sisters were older than the Franks, both married with young children during World War II. They were incredibly brave with a huge heart for others. “If someone is in need, we have no other option but to help him.” This book is their story.

Roxane Van Iperen has produced a heart breaking account of the sisters’ lives before the war and through their resistance to Auschwitz. Their story is inspiring. Their bravery immense. Their lives should be honoured.

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