V2: A Novel Of World War II by Robert Harris

Fascinating On Both Sides

V2: A Novel Of World War II by Robert Harris is a fascinating historical novel set over just four days in November 1944.

Robert Harris has used his knowledge to create a fictional story set around Germany’s V2 missiles. The novel is written from both the German and English point of view with alternating chapters. The reader sees life in London, Oxfordshire, the Netherlands and recently occupied Europe. It is a marvellous novel enabling the reader to understand some of the complexities of war.

There is the theme of trust – remembering that ‘loose lips sink ships’, war work was classified. The reader witnesses lies being told to both sides in order to keep up morale. By November 1944 the Nazis were in retreat but no one would admit this for fear of imprisonment or worse.

Not all Germans were Nazis. Those who were not, had to tread very carefully.

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Stories Of Hope by Heather Morris

Wow… Inspiring

Stories Of Hope by Heather Morris is a powerful read about the importance of listening to others when they are talking.

Heather Morris wrote The Tattooist Of Auschwitz and also Cilka’s Journey, both of which I have read and are excellent. Within this book Heather Morris talks about her experiences of listening to Lale as he talked about Auschwitz. It was important to listen well and not ask questions that would interrupt his flow.

Many survivors of the concentration camps do not talk about their experiences, especially within their families. Their stories need to be told in tribute to both the survivors and the six million innocents who died.

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Hope In The Balance by Jim Baton

A Spiritual Battle

Hope In The Balance by Jim Baton is a contemporary Christian novel and the second book in the Hope Trilogy series. Book one needs to be read first.

Life is a spiritual battle. We do not always understand life but we need to know that there is power in prayer. When life is good – pray. When life is terrible – pray. Prayer changes hearts, minds and lives. We need to “pray with faith.” Pray believing God for an answer.

We do not need to be in a church building to be heard by God. He hears us right where we are. The church of God is the people and not the building.

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The Runaway Sisters by Ann Bennett

Heart Breaking

The Runaway Sisters by Ann Bennett is a beautiful contemporary novel that will break your heart whilst simultaneously filling your heart with love.

The novel is set during World War II and concerns the fortunes of two evacuee sisters from London relocated to Devon. Action alternates between another pair of modern day sisters and the war years.

Your heart will break for the two evacuees as sorrow and guilt are heavy burdens to carry through the months and years. Not all evacuees had an idyllic time in the countryside.

Relationships between the sisters are explored. One set are bonded by love. The other set experience sibling rivalry.

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