Fire Music by Connie Hampton Connally

Light Shining In The Darkness

Fire Music by Connie Hampton Connally is a powerful dual timeline novel surrounding a Hungarian family. The novel concentrates on the years 1945 and 2013 as we alternate between the two time periods.

Most of the action is set in Budapest. The two time periods are united by a sixteen year old in 1945 who becomes a grandfather in 2013.

We meet a young American searching for her roots, after her grandparents passing. She wants to know her story and where she comes from.

1945 was a terrible time for Hungarians. First there were the Nazis and then the Russians moved in. Both were brutal. Women were not safe as they could be attacked and far worse.

We follow a family who had very little but had a tremendous musical talent. Music breaks down barriers, uniting those from all walks of life. Music can be passed down the years to future generations. Music also sends us back down the years to a moment in time. As talents unite, beautiful music is made.

There is also the theme of mothers. We hear about ‘Mother’ Russia which brings trouble, hardship and persecution. There are human mothers who have abandoned their offspring, whilst there are those who would love to be mothers but have suffered multiple miscarriages. “I’m not a childless woman; I’m a mother with an empty spot inside.” The mother is seen as the heart of the home. “Having no mother is like having no home.” There are fathers who have to step up and play a mother’s role.

War and suffering have people questioning God. If God is so good, where is He? Why is He silent? – But there are those who still believe. “In spite of his losses and bitterness still insisted that God was good, still believed that death didn’t have the final say.” We believe in the sun even when it isn’t shining, so surely the same can be true of God?

There is the theme and the motif of light. We all need to believe that there are better times ahead. We are called to be a beacon of light. We are to shine our light in order to give others hope.

Fire Music is a powerful read about a dark time in Hungarian history. It educates as we read. I found it an emotional novel too.

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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