The Long Walk Back by Stephen Mizell

Honest And Informative

The Long Walk Back by Stephen Mizell is a wonderfully honest account of the author’s fall from grace and his walk back into the will of God. Through Stephen Mizell’s experiences, he shares what he has learnt in the hope that others will learn from his mistakes.

This book is a wonderful tool for us all. We may not have fallen but we cannot afford to be complacent. The enemy prowls around us like a lion, waiting to pounce and devour us.

No one ever sets out to sin. We do not walk into our marriages with the intention of committing adultery. We fall into sin for a number of reasons – poor choices, we “journey down a road of poor decisions.” We need to know our weaknesses. “If you are not aware of your weaknesses and do not learn how to overcome it, it will… overcome you.” We need to establish our values. There must be a line we will not cross but there is a “gap between knowing and doing.”

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Colors Of Christmas by Olivia Newport

Tales Of Hope

Colors Of Christmas by Olivia Newport is two wonderful tales with similar themes of love, loss, friendship and hope. Both are set around Christmas and are sure to warm the readers hearts. Both remind the reader of the importance of good friends, community and the hope we have in Jesus.

Christmas In Gold is a wonderful story of hope and memories. Told from the point of view of an octogenarian, originally from Germany but living in America, the reader gets a glimpse into Christmases past and present. Memories are tied up in ornaments and snowfalls.

Nazi Germany was a hard place to grow up in but Astrid “held on to God” knowing that “God wouldn’t change.” In an ever changing world, God is our secure anchor in every storm.

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Returning Home by Toni Shiloh


Returning Home by Toni Shiloh is the most delightful Christian romance. It is the first book in the Freedom Lake series and I cannot wait for the rest.

The novel deals with loss – the loss of a planned future that creates a hardening of the heart towards God. “He and God weren’t on speaking terms.” A belief that God has abandoned us is a lie from the enemy. God is always with us and walks alongside us in our pain. He waits for us to return. “Until you turn back to God, you’ll have no peace… bitterness will… take root… until you are godless.”

Past events have the power to cause bitterness to grow and root. The answer is to forgive. Forgive all those past hurts that rob us of present joy.

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The Break by Marian Keyes

Real Life Is Messy

The Break by Marian Keyes is a contemporary story about love, life and families. Marian Keyes shows that life is not easy. At times it is complicated and messy, and not always black and white.

The novel is written in the first person from the point of view of forty something Amy. The reader ‘experiences’ life through her eyes. We ‘feel’ life crushing her down – the weight of children, parents, work and life in general.

The love of a mother radiates throughout the novel. We become acquainted with Amy’s heart and recognise the great love and fierce protection she has for her children.

Grief can have far reaching effects. The reader views this from afar, and although detached ourselves, we ‘feel’ saddened at how life is progressing for some of the characters.

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