The Christmas Diary by Elyse Douglas

Nostalgia At It’s Finest

The Christmas Diary by Elyse Douglas is a charming contemporary novel that will warm your heart and leave you smiling.

The novel is about truelove and real success. True love is deeper than romantic love. It goes straight into your heart and produces a strong urge to gather and protect. True love sacrifices. True love includes family. It is a love that lasts a lifetime and is not confined by time.

Success is measured in various ways. If your yardstick is fame and fortune, you will be indeed poor. True success is found in relationships with others. It is the love of others for us and us for others that reveals true success and riches.

The Christmas Diary has a wonderful atmosphere – love, warmth and snow all evoke feelings of nostalgia. The action is set in a small town that pulls together at all times. A warm welcome extends to strangers and reaches beyond the pages to the reader.

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The Painted Castle by Kristy Cambron

United Down The Years

The Painted Castle by Kristy Cambron is a delightful Christian novel and the third book in the Lost Castles series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Once more Kristy Cambron has taken historical detail and facts and woven a marvellous tale. The novel is a triple timeline story being set in 1843, 1944 and present day. The focus is Framlingham in Suffolk and a private painting of Queen Victoria. Similar themes and a mystery unite the tales down the years.

There are a wonderful mix of characters. I certainly had a favourite. See if you do too.

War touches every aspect of society in 1944 as lives are both protected and torn apart. Huge hearts open homes to those in need. The desire to nurture and protect is strong.

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The Christmas Eve Secret by Elyse Douglas

True Love Never Dies

The Christmas Eve Secret by Elyse Douglas is a most charming timeslip read and the third book in A Time Travel Novel series. I recommend reading books one and two first for maximum enjoyment.

The reader once again catches up with Eve and Patrick – and what happened next, I could not have predicted. Theirs is a love outside the confines of time. It is a love that will not die. It is a love that takes risks and it is a love that is prepared to sacrifice.

This is a thrilling read set in 1884. Through comprehensive descriptions the reader glimpses a bygone age. It is an age where chivalry is not dead but doesn’t always happen. Women are seen as second class citizens to be used by men.

Disease is rife. Life is precious. Without modern medicine, lives hang in the balance.

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The Widow Of Pale Harbour by Hester Fox

Passion And Power

The Widow Of Pale Harbour by Hester Fox is a gripping historical murder suspense that had me glued and guessing from the start. I congratulated myself on working out who the guilty party was far too soon – I got it wrong again!

The novel is about love and jealousy, the passion and power to manipulate and control. A warped sense of entitlement provokes a horrific course of action.

In contrast there is a love that protects, a love that goes the extra mile and is prepared to sacrifice.

Fear and guilt imprison characters. We need to deal with our fear and guilt or we will imprison ourselves. The walls we build around us to keep us safe need demolishing before we become our own prison guard.

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