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Ten Dates by Rachel Dove

Still Me

Ten Dates by Rachel Dove is the most beautiful contemporary novel that warmed my heart and soul.

The story is told in the third person from two alternating points of view. The reader becomes well acquainted with the two lead characters. Both of which are easy to empathise with.

Love completely radiates from the pages – a mind recovering from a coma has forgotten much, but a heart still recognizes feelings of love. This is a love to last a lifetime. This is a love so huge, it fears hurting another. This is a love that denies self and always puts another first. This is a beautiful love.

Rachel Dove has written a novel that assaults your emotions. The raw emotion of love is palpable. The reader wafts alongside the characters as we long to know – what will happen at the end of ten dates?

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Where We Belong by Sarah Bennett

A Fabulous New Series

Where We Belong by Sarah Bennett is a delightful, contemporary novel and the first book in the Juniper Meadows series.

Sarah Bennett once more has created a marvelous set of characters who are warm and welcoming. Juniper Meadows is owned by a family whose heritage goes back centuries. They employ many in the village and have huge hearts. The community functions as a family, those in need are always helped.

An archeological dig sets out to uncover the secrets of the past. Mud is hiding history. Likewise, within a family, there are secrets that are hiding the truth. Scratch beneath the surface to reveal personal history.

We are not responsible for the actions of our parents, neither are we destined to turn into them. Within the novel we see bloodline fathers behaving appallingly. In contrast there are those who have taken on the role of a father, who treat youngsters with love and care.

We also see a character who has no right to lord it over others. He is a self-made man and pompous with it. In contrast, we see the love, care and respect, with which the true lords and ladies of the manor treat all those they meet.

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A Wartime Reunion At Goodwill House by Fenella J Miller

The Indomitable Bulldog Spirit

A Wartime Reunion At Goodwill House by Fenella J Miller is the fifth book in a marvelous wartime series.

This book can be read as a stand-alone but I enjoyed meeting up with many familiar faces as we rejoin the action in 1940. We see the stoicism of the characters as the war comes a little too close to Goodwill House.

Dog fights overhead interrupt the lives of those on the ground. It takes much courage to continue with day-to-day lives whilst being ever vigilant for the enemy.

A chance encounter sets hearts a racing as there is a search for the truth of their roots.

Once more we follow the land girls billeted at Goodwill House, as well as the family. There are no airs and graces as all are welcomed and treated as family.

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The Ragged Orphan by Lindsey Hutchinson

History Comes Alive

The Ragged Orphan by Lindsey Hutchinson is a marvellous historical novel that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The action is set in and around Birmingham, my home town, and I was familiar with many locations, making it easy to picture the scenes.

Life was hard and many people lived hand-to-mouth. There was no welfare state. Tragic circumstances saw orphans seeking work for themselves rather than enter the dreaded workhouses.

We see the courage, grit, determination and hard work of many plucky young lads. Life has dealt some hard hands but they never give up.

Poverty is made harder for some by the demon drink. The head of the household not only spends his wages down the pub but also uses his family as punching bags.

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