The Lie Maker by Linwood Barclay

Exciting & Compelling

The Lie Maker by Linwood Barclay is a gripping contemporary crime suspense that I became totally engrossed in.

Linwood Barclay knows how to weave an excellent tale. His plotline is complex and well executed. I hung on for dear life as the tale twisted this way and that.

We see that people and life are not always black and white. More often than not, people come in varying shade of grey.

Family is important. Sometimes in order to protect the family, tough choices have to be made. Sacrifices are the order of the day. In contrast, a warped sense of loyalty sees a character determined to get revenge, and will stop at nothing in order to achieve it.

All the characters were well drawn and believable. They elicited a variety of emotional responses from me.

The action alternates between characters and time periods. It is in both the first and third person.

The Lie Maker was an exciting read that consumed me from the start. Linwood Barclay always constructs compelling reads. Often with a few red herrings thrown in along the way as the action twists this way and that.

I received a free copy. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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