The Runner by Lloyd Devereux Richards

Twisting, Turning, Engaging

The Runner by Lloyd Devereux Richards is a contemporary suspense thriller that captured my attention from the start.

Lloyd Devereux Richards has created a complex and well executed plotline. The Runner is a thinking mans novel that keeps the reader on their toes throughout.

There are all the elements to make this an exciting tale – heroes and villains, cross country chases, assassins, FBI, innocent victims and much more. The reader buckles up for a roller coaster ride as we cling on, with pulses rising.

We see how upbringings shape the person we become – a character’s father did not believe he would amount to anything. How true was this prophecy? You will have to read the novel in order to find out.

A sister has a bond with her brother, caring enough to make a difficult phone call. Would he do the same?

Childhood friends can be depended on. A character takes advantage of this bond.

The setting is in America in November. As a road trip is taken across country, the snowy weather mirrors the action which is unpredictable and turns on a knife edge.

All the characters were well drawn. The villains were gruff, unpredictable and ruthless at every turn. Both female characters were similar but different, both proving to have more bottle than some of the men.

The Runner was an extremely exciting and engaging read. The ending was superb – I did not see that coming!

The Runner would make a fabulous television series.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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