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A Curious Place by Barbara Woodward

Leaving You Smiling

A Curious Place by Barbara Woodward is a delightful book of four sweet children’s tales, just perfect for ages eight and upwards. I am considerably older and I loved this book. The tales are united in their themes of rescue and looking out for those less fortunate. Each tale is headed up with a delightful illustration which gets the imagination working. The tales have a real feel-good factor and will leave you smiling.

Tosca’s Surprise is a sweet tale about kindness and compassion in the face of cruelty and neglect. The reader’s heart breaks for the sight of a caged bear whose spirit is broken. It is a tale of new beginnings and bonds. It will restore your faith in humanity.

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Navigate Your Faith: A Christian’s Field Guide To Not Getting Lost by Ron Pratt

The Modern Minefield

Navigate Your Faith: A Christian’s Field Guide To Not Getting Lost by Ron Pratt is a self- help book looking at the pitfalls of modern life.

With the dawn of the World Wide Web, there is much to ensnare people. All sorts can be accessed with the press of a button or the click of a mouse. We need to be discerning and have a moral code that lines up with Jesus. The world gives easy access to all sorts but just because it is available does not mean it is good for us. If there is an area where you have a weakness, the best thing to do is to avoid that. Have friends to whom you can be accountable, who love you enough to point out when you are falling into sin.

The voice of the enemy whispers ‘you deserve it’, ‘go on, one won’t hurt’. We need to detune his voice and plug into the voice of God, so that we will recognize His voice when He whispers to us.

Today’s world is very ‘me’ focused. “The spirit of entertainment promotes self-focus.” We are too often motivated by selfish desires and not the need to serve.

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The Christian’s Journey Through Grief by Dr Carol Peters Tanksley

Just Do The Next Thing

The Christian’s Journey Through Grief by Dr Carol Peters Tanksley is a comprehensive guide to journeying through grief. We will all make the journey through the dark valley at several times in our lives. No two journeys will be the same as we have to adjust to a new ‘normal.’

This is a very readable book and accessible for all. The author covers everything you could possibly need to know from the practical funeral arrangements to the finances to the big questions we all have, to the guilt and the physical pain of grief.

There is no ‘right’ way to grieve. Neither is there a ‘wrong’ way. We need to get through it as best we can.

We need to have at least one good friend who will bend their ear to us. We need to do the practical things such as eating and sleeping and keep just stepping towards the next thing. It really is a case of one step at a time.

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Destiny Of Heart by Catherine Ulrich Brakefield

Surviving The Hard Times

Destiny Of Heart by Catherine Ulrich Brakefield is a marvellous historical Christian tale that takes the reader through 1920’s America and into the Depression, up to the promise of better times under Roosevelt.

It is an epic tale about love, loss and redemption in Jesus. With the Depression, we see the church in action. The church is not a building, it is the people who “had shown the way to Jesus through their actions.”

Life was hard following WWI. The people had a tough spirit to survive. Diseases took lives as faith was questioned “Why, Lord? Why didn’t You heal my husband? She never felt so alone.” In times of loss we may have questions that seem to go unanswered. The enemy will whisper that due to our lack of faith, our loved one died. This is a lie, we need to defeat it by standing on the Word of Jesus and believing what God says.

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