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The Christmas Book Club by Sarah Morgan

Deliciously Wonderful

The Christmas Book Club by Sarah Morgan is an absolutely charming, contemporary feel-good novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. Although there is the word ‘Christmas’ in the title, this is a book that can be enjoyed all year round. The action is set in early December but the focus of the book is on friends and family.

We drop in on three lifelong friends who are taking a vacation in a quaint inn in Vermont for a week discussing books. We hear of the background of the three – the workaholic, the broken-hearted and the soon-to-be empty nester. All three are facing challenges but are united by their love and support.

We also meet the innkeeper who is struggling with sudden loss and is a young widow with a five year old daughter. “Grief never leaves you.” Grief paralyses, there is no end as she tries to fulfill her husband’s dreams for the inn. “She was the caretaker of his dreams.” But his dreams and his way are not the only way. The young widow needs to find her way.

Our upbringings shape us. A character has never known her father. This has made her ultra independent and afraid to show her emotions. No one has penetrated her hard outer shell until… an encounter with a delightful five year old.

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Snowed In For Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Love, Laughter & Family

Snowed In For Christmas by Sarah Morgan is the most charming festive offering that will warm your heart on even the coldest day.

The setting could hardly be more perfect – snowed in in an isolated Scottish family home where love, laughter and care live. It is a home where strangers are welcomed into the heart of the family.

Sarah Morgan has once more created a marvelous set of characters who lodge in the reader’s hearts. I adored them all from Hunter the dog to Nana Jean. Nana Jean at eighty six yeas old does not believe in wasting time. She says just what she is thinking which is absolutely hilarious. Her mouth has no filter. She is definitely my favourite character, although I loved them all.

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Beach House Summer by Sarah Morgan

Coming Home

Beach House Summer by Sarah Morgan is the most delightful contemporary novel that will warm your heart and make you smile.

The whole novel has a beautiful aroma of love. It is a book about loving well – loving those who love us and loving ourselves.

Sometimes in life we are hurt by words spoken over us and we believe we are unlovable. “She… stabbed you with words. And that wound stayed with you.” Words can pierce us and destroy us. We need to know that we are worth so much more than cruel words spoken over us.

We see the effect on a character that others have had by continually telling her she is worthless. We all need to surround ourselves with those who believe in us. “She believed in me, at a time when I didn’t believe in myself.” We all need positive role models.

The novel is about parenting. Some people are too selfish to parent well. Others are cruel. And some just exude love. You do not necessarily need to have given birth in order to parent well. Some people just have a default setting of love.

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The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan

Friends And Family

The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan is a most delightful contemporary festive offering about family and friends.

The story is set in snow-covered Lapland in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Delicious descriptions of the landscape, log cabins, Christmas trees and sleigh rides all come alive under the masterful pen of Sarah Morgan. The reader is in for a real treat.

We learn about what home is. “Home wasn’t the honey-coloured bricks… home was people. Home was feeling wanted and loved.” We may be in a house with family members but still feel lonely. We need to know we are loved.

Our upbringing has far-reaching effects into our adult lives. We are all a product of our pasts. We must not dwell there but learn the lessons of the past. “Stop chewing on what-if and deal with what is.”

Parents influence their children’s well-being. We see love lavished on a young child giving her stability and confidence. In contrast we see adults who still cannot shake off the influence of parents who seemingly didn’t care. Their emotional well-being has been damaged in childhood and affects their relationships ever since as they continually wait for rejection.

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