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One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Never Too Late

One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan is a most delightful contemporary festive offering that will have you longing for snow covered hills and log fires.

The novel is about families. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes – some are loving, others are fractured. We parent the best we can but we always have areas of guilt where we wish we had parented differently. We do our best for our children passing on the life skills that we think they need but our children do not always thank us for it.

We witness the power of compromise when motivated by love as a family tries to repair the broken relationships.

We must not criticise others. If we have not walked in their shoes, we have no idea what they have gone through. To pass judgements without knowing the full story is wrong. Secrets hide past hurts. In order to fully understand what has motivated another, secrets must be revealed.

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A Wedding In December by Sarah Morgan

Fighting For Love

A Wedding In December by Sarah Morgan is a most delightful contemporary novel about love and family.

Families are complicated affairs with interactions that are constantly changing. The novel focuses on a family that is coming apart at the seams as everyone tries to cope alone, keeping secrets from others. A change of scenery brings more than just a new location.

The novel explores identity. Too often our identity is tied up in what we do instead of who we are. “Did her mother even have dreams?” has to be one of the saddest utterances… a character is more than just a mother. She has hopes and dreams too. We are never too old to dream.

Where our heart is, there lies our fortune. “Not all people were motivated by money and status. Some were motivated by love.” The richest people are those who love and are loved.

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One Summer In Paris by Sarah Morgan

Writing Your Own Story

One Summer In Paris by Sarah Morgan is a wonderful contemporary offering about love and life, friendship and discovering yourself.

It is a book about being ‘real’ and not hiding who you really are. “Being yourself is the one thing every person should excel at.” Too often we present one face to the world, sometimes burying who we are in the process. The novel shows that in opening up and being vulnerable we may just rediscover ourselves. “I love me. For the first time in months.”

We all need a good friend. A good friend who will always be there for us. A good friend who sees beyond our stock, ‘I’m fine’ response. One Summer In Paris celebrates friendship.

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The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan

And The Greatest Of These Is Love

The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan is a delightful heartfelt contemporary read that will tug at your emotions and leave you with a smile on your face and hope in your heart.

The novel deals with loss – a loss that is still felt twenty five years down the line. “Wounds heal, but they still leave scars.” Scars are not always visible but a traumatic loss left imprints on many hearts.

In order to protect oneself from hurt, we may build walls and hide who we really are. “Camouflaging her real self was a big part of her life.” Walls built to protect serve only to distance and isolate us from the world. It is a myth to believe that if we do not give our heart away, we cannot get hurt. Being isolated hurts us daily.

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