The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan

Friends And Family

The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan is a most delightful contemporary festive offering about family and friends.

The story is set in snow-covered Lapland in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Delicious descriptions of the landscape, log cabins, Christmas trees and sleigh rides all come alive under the masterful pen of Sarah Morgan. The reader is in for a real treat.

We learn about what home is. “Home wasn’t the honey-coloured bricks… home was people. Home was feeling wanted and loved.” We may be in a house with family members but still feel lonely. We need to know we are loved.

Our upbringing has far-reaching effects into our adult lives. We are all a product of our pasts. We must not dwell there but learn the lessons of the past. “Stop chewing on what-if and deal with what is.”

Parents influence their children’s well-being. We see love lavished on a young child giving her stability and confidence. In contrast we see adults who still cannot shake off the influence of parents who seemingly didn’t care. Their emotional well-being has been damaged in childhood and affects their relationships ever since as they continually wait for rejection.

The true meaning of Christmas is not in the size of the gift but in the act of giving. “It isn’t about what you buy, it’s about what you give.” The best gift of all is the gift of time.

It is important to keep channels of communication open in relationships. If we stop talking, we risk misunderstandings and relationship breakdowns. If our relationships are breaking, it is important to try and mend them if they are important to us.

We all have dreams. Sometimes our dreams seem like nightmares. We need to be able to adapt and change our dreams.

The Christmas Escape was a most charming read to put you in the festive mood. I always love Sarah Morgan’s books.

I received a free copy from the publishers via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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