The Christmas Book Club by Sarah Morgan

Deliciously Wonderful

The Christmas Book Club by Sarah Morgan is an absolutely charming, contemporary feel-good novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. Although there is the word ‘Christmas’ in the title, this is a book that can be enjoyed all year round. The action is set in early December but the focus of the book is on friends and family.

We drop in on three lifelong friends who are taking a vacation in a quaint inn in Vermont for a week discussing books. We hear of the background of the three – the workaholic, the broken-hearted and the soon-to-be empty nester. All three are facing challenges but are united by their love and support.

We also meet the innkeeper who is struggling with sudden loss and is a young widow with a five year old daughter. “Grief never leaves you.” Grief paralyses, there is no end as she tries to fulfill her husband’s dreams for the inn. “She was the caretaker of his dreams.” But his dreams and his way are not the only way. The young widow needs to find her way.

Our upbringings shape us. A character has never known her father. This has made her ultra independent and afraid to show her emotions. No one has penetrated her hard outer shell until… an encounter with a delightful five year old.

Some women are just made to be mothers. They make mothering their whole purpose and fear losing their children as they grow. “The children don’t need me the way they used to, so I’m basically losing my job.” She needs to learn how to be herself and how to be a wife again. She is so much more than her role as a mum.

Bullying in the workplace and loss of a job have killed a passion for cooking – until a crisis awakens that passion.

Characters fear tomorrow. “She didn’t want to make that classic mistake of ruining today because she was worrying about tomorrow.” Often much of what we worry about never happens.

All the characters were well drawn, likable and realistic. They were all easy to empathise with. I absolutely adored the five year old with her open-heartedness and her zest for life.

Sarah Morgan has produced a delightful tale. It is warm and welcoming with the essence of love, care and friendship in a book. We witness women pulling together, offering support when a crisis threatens to de-rail a life.

This is a beautiful novel. I would love a sequel as I want to know what happens next!

I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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