Beach House Summer by Sarah Morgan

Coming Home

Beach House Summer by Sarah Morgan is the most delightful contemporary novel that will warm your heart and make you smile.

The whole novel has a beautiful aroma of love. It is a book about loving well – loving those who love us and loving ourselves.

Sometimes in life we are hurt by words spoken over us and we believe we are unlovable. “She… stabbed you with words. And that wound stayed with you.” Words can pierce us and destroy us. We need to know that we are worth so much more than cruel words spoken over us.

We see the effect on a character that others have had by continually telling her she is worthless. We all need to surround ourselves with those who believe in us. “She believed in me, at a time when I didn’t believe in myself.” We all need positive role models.

The novel is about parenting. Some people are too selfish to parent well. Others are cruel. And some just exude love. You do not necessarily need to have given birth in order to parent well. Some people just have a default setting of love.

You are never too old or too young to dream. Sometimes are dreams evolve and change. What we once thought we wanted pales into insignificance when we realise that we already have our heart’s desire.

We need to let our children achieve their own dreams and not try to mould them into the life we think they should have.

The novel is about a community, a community that is a family. “This is your hometown… We’re your people.” It is a community that protects and loves its own. Hearts, homes and lives open up.

The novel is about choices. “Her choices aren’t yours.” We are not destined to repeat the mistakes of our parents. We must own our own choices.

I really loved Beach House Summer. It was a delightfully charming book about loving and caring. It makes the reader feel loved and cared for too, as if we have come home.

I received a free copy from Harper Collins via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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