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Code Of Valor by Lynette Eason

A Heart Of Compassion

Code Of Valor by Lynette Eason is a fabulous Christian suspense and the third book in the Blue Justice series.

Once again Lynette Eason has produced a marvellous plotline that is both intriguing and well executed. The characters are realistic and easy to empathise with. The leading lady particularly resonated with me. She was a mixture of very strong and also insecure. She believed God loved others just as they were but she let her view of her weight define her. She did not see her self-worth. She needed to know “I am loved. I am God’s.”

The leading lady had compassion for others, even those who wished her harm. Her first thought was that no-one, no matter what they’d done, must die without Jesus.

We all face battles and have scars to prove it. Our scars and our past do not define us. We are who God says we are.

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Called To Protect by Lynette Eason

Out Of The Top Drawer

Called To Protect by Lynette Eason is a marvellous Christian suspense. It is the second book in the Blue Justice series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The series follows the St John family, all of whom work in the emergency services. This book has Chloe and her K9 partner Hank as the focus. The reader witnesses the strong bond between the pair as they work together to fight crime.

Relationships between the siblings and their parents are strong, loving and with mutual respect. Their love and care reaches beyond the family unit to reach the lost and the hurting. The parents are the perfect example of a marriage working with God at the centre.

Life intrudes. Our pasts shape us but they do not have to define us. We may become angry and withdraw from God but He will never withdraw from us. Anger is draining. “I don’t want to be angry anymore… Please help me.” When we give our negative emotions to God, He can help us to deal with them in His strength.

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Oath Of Honor by Lynette Eason

Exciting And Thrilling

Oath Of Honor by Lynette Eason is a thrilling contemporary Christian suspense which I just could not put down. It is the first book in the Blue Justice series – and thankfully I have the subsequent books in the series sitting in a pile by my bed, just waiting to be read.

The plotline is intricate and well executed. I read with heart racing and teeth clenched as the tension rose. Lynette Eason certainly knows how to paint the scenes with her words as the action played out in my head.

There is a community and family atmosphere – the law enforcement agency functions as a family, protecting its own and serving the community. There is love and loyalty. When suspicion falls on one of its own, there is the belief that there must be more at stake than the surface appearance suggests.

We have truth and lies, plots and intrigue, gangs and goodies – Oath Of Honor is a fantastic start to a new series.

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