Chasing Secrets by Lynette Eason

A Thrilling Conclusion

Chasing Secrets by Lynette Eason is a fabulous contemporary Christian crime suspense. It is book four in the Elite Guardians series and is a thrilling end to what has been a fantastic series.

Cold cases are unearthed as someone wants to finish what they started years ago. There is an exciting cat and mouse chase as the time is ticking by.

Greed and jealousy raise their ugly heads. It is never good when they rule lives.

Holding grudges hurts us far more than the other person. “Hating him doesn’t hurt him, it hurts me.” We need to let go and live free.

Freedom comes when we forgive. If we cannot do it in our strength, we need to ask God for His help.

If we know God, we can have a peace that passes understanding. “She’d found God… and had discovered a new sense of peace and acceptance.” God infuses us with His peace in spite of our circumstances.

Family is important. The Elite Guardians function as a family – united by love and not blood.

I have really loved the Elite Guardians series. It has been highly entertaining and impossible to put down. I love Lynette Eason’s novels.


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