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Where It All Began by Lorana Hoopes

Love And The Power Of Prayer

Where It All Began by Lorana Hoopes is a powerful contemporary Christian family novel. At its heart is a God who loves us no matter what we have done. “God meets you where you are and changes you from there.”

God is the God of restoration. He can restore the lost years and give us new hopes and dreams for our futures.

The novel surrounds the painful subject of abortion and its aftermath. The trauma may well have long reaching arms.

Guilt links in. “Would I ever be able to forgive him?… Would I ever be able to forgive myself?” Consumed by guilt, life may spiral downwards. “Will this massive guilt ever go away?” We need to face our guilt and surrender it to the One who can heal us. God can heal via the medical professionals too. We must never be afraid to seek professional help.

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Under The Mistletoe by Various

Wonderful Collection

Under The Mistletoe is a wonderful collection of tales celebrating Christmas. Some historical, some contemporary. United by common themes including love, friendship, new beginnings, open hearts and homes. Some truly delightful tales.

The Christmas Bride by Jenna Brandt is a historical romance. There are the themes of new beginnings, second chances and grace. We cannot alter our past but we can learn from it as we move into the future. There is power in prayer. God sees our heart. Gossip and prejudice are wrong. We need to love and not judge. The heroine is a very strong character and a very modern miss for 1870. A great tale to kick off this collection.

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The Power Of Prayer by Lorana Hoopes

The Ripple Effect

The Power Of Prayer by Lorana Hoopes is a powerful contemporary tale about the incredible power of prayer.

When we pray, God listens and answers. Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do. Jesus encouraged His disciples to pray. We are to pray at all times and need to remember “Never to assume something was too big for God.”

In times of crisis, we need to mobilise prayer teams. Prayer gives us something we can control in an uncertain world. Prayer can bring peace.

The novel is also about God’s plans. He has a plan for each and every one of us. Whether we choose to draw near to Him and accept His plan for our lives, is up to us.

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When Love Returns by Lorana Hoopes

Wonderful, Warm And Welcoming

When Love Returns by Lorana Hoopes is a contemporary Christian romance which I absolutely loved. It is the first book in the Star Lake series and I cannot wait for the rest.

It’s really exciting to discover a new author. Lorana Hoopes writes in such a wonderful and engaging manner that leaves the reader wanting more. Her chapters alternate between the points of view of her two lead characters, enabling the reader to become intimately acquainted with them both. Lorana Hoopes employs the technique of repetition, as the first meeting of the characters is shown from both viewpoints, revealing to the reader that both characters are singing from the same hymn sheet, revealing their true hearts.

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