The Power Of Prayer by Lorana Hoopes

The Ripple Effect

The Power Of Prayer by Lorana Hoopes is a powerful contemporary tale about the incredible power of prayer.

When we pray, God listens and answers. Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do. Jesus encouraged His disciples to pray. We are to pray at all times and need to remember “Never to assume something was too big for God.”

In times of crisis, we need to mobilise prayer teams. Prayer gives us something we can control in an uncertain world. Prayer can bring peace.

The novel is also about God’s plans. He has a plan for each and every one of us. Whether we choose to draw near to Him and accept His plan for our lives, is up to us.

We all have choices to make in life. Our choices have ripple effects for good or bad. It is important to choose well.

God sends people across our paths at just the right time. He knows and supplies our every need.

The novel tackles the difficult topics of pre marital sex and abortion. Life before becoming a Christian means people live by a different set of rules. We are never to judge others. We are to love them. The novel explores the possible side effects of abortion – both immediate and years later. There is also the debate about when life begins. Naturally there are some very upsetting passages in the novel.

God spoke through dreams in the Bible. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still speaks through dreams today.

When life is tough, sometimes we blame God. “I don’t believe in praying to a God who allows someone to experience intense pain.” God never causes our pain but He does walk alongside us in it. With hindsight, we can see how God used our pain to grow and develop us. We grow more in the tough times as we learn to lean on and trust God.

Priorities are important. We need to have the correct priorities. “Money equalled power which equalled happiness, right?” Building our lives on money and power means our foundations are shifting sand. We need to build our lives on the firm foundation of God and His values.

Lorana Hoopes has created some marvellous and well rounded characters who are realistic. The reader can empathise with their faults and failures, taking comfort in the fact that God forgives our failings.

Not only has Lorana Hoopes created a fabulous story but it is full of godly truths. I loved the inclusion of the sinners prayer as you never know who needs to know it and say it and find their way to God.

The Power Of Prayer is a fabulous read. I have only just ‘discovered’ Lorana Hoopes but I love her stories of ‘real’ people facing ‘real’ problems who need to know the power and peace of our great and awesome God.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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