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Where It All Began by Lorana Hoopes

Love And The Power Of Prayer

Where It All Began by Lorana Hoopes is a powerful contemporary Christian family novel. At its heart is a God who loves us no matter what we have done. “God meets you where you are and changes you from there.”

God is the God of restoration. He can restore the lost years and give us new hopes and dreams for our futures.

The novel surrounds the painful subject of abortion and its aftermath. The trauma may well have long reaching arms.

Guilt links in. “Would I ever be able to forgive him?… Would I ever be able to forgive myself?” Consumed by guilt, life may spiral downwards. “Will this massive guilt ever go away?” We need to face our guilt and surrender it to the One who can heal us. God can heal via the medical professionals too. We must never be afraid to seek professional help.

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