Under The Mistletoe by Various

Wonderful Collection

Under The Mistletoe is a wonderful collection of tales celebrating Christmas. Some historical, some contemporary. United by common themes including love, friendship, new beginnings, open hearts and homes. Some truly delightful tales.

The Christmas Bride by Jenna Brandt is a historical romance. There are the themes of new beginnings, second chances and grace. We cannot alter our past but we can learn from it as we move into the future. There is power in prayer. God sees our heart. Gossip and prejudice are wrong. We need to love and not judge. The heroine is a very strong character and a very modern miss for 1870. A great tale to kick off this collection.

Once Upon A Star by Lorena Hoopes is a delightful contemporary Christmas romance that will warm the reader’s heart. The story explores what is really important – God and love. Both are things we cannot buy. The love of money and fame is the root of all evil. Money brings choice but we must never put it on the throne. God can and does transform lives. He always answers prayer. We must pray the correct prayers – they will be done as opposed to my will be done. A wonderful story with wholesome characters. Delightful.

Gift Of Peace by Judith Robl is a contemporary Christmas romance focusing on love, friendship and new beginnings. A network of friends can soon become family when everyone is looking out for each other. Our pasts may have been hard but with love and friendship we can face the future. A delightful tale.

Fall On Your Knees by Mary C Findley is a tale of suspense. With a mystery to solve and a matter of whom to trust, the reader reads on with baited breath. Themes of friends and loyalty are contained within this entertaining tale.

Christmas Conundrum by Carol E Keen is a Christmas romance. It deals with identifying what is really important in our lives – fame and fortune or knowing God? Sometimes we need to escape from our daily life and reorder our priorities. Putting God first is the wisest thing to do. There are themes of trust and new beginnings. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to focus our minds. A delightful romance.

Holly’s Noel by Elle E Kay is a really delightful festive romance. It is about fun, friends and family. As well as second chances and new beginnings. Characters bond over food and the festive pageant. A really fun read that will warm your heart.

Love’s Sacrifice by Evangeline Kelly is such a delightful story about love and second chances. It really warmed my heart. With Jesus we can all have a fresh start. Our pasts are behind us. The future awaits. A wonderful tale about sacrificial love.

Christmas In Trace Hallow by C.J. Samuels is a charming festive historical romance. Love means being willing to let go. Christmas is a time for children but a disagreement rages as to whether to let Father Christmas into church! Read on to see what happens. Hearts and homes are opened wide. A totally charming tale to end with.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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