When Love Returns by Lorana Hoopes

Wonderful, Warm And Welcoming

When Love Returns by Lorana Hoopes is a contemporary Christian romance which I absolutely loved. It is the first book in the Star Lake series and I cannot wait for the rest.

It’s really exciting to discover a new author. Lorana Hoopes writes in such a wonderful and engaging manner that leaves the reader wanting more. Her chapters alternate between the points of view of her two lead characters, enabling the reader to become intimately acquainted with them both. Lorana Hoopes employs the technique of repetition, as the first meeting of the characters is shown from both viewpoints, revealing to the reader that both characters are singing from the same hymn sheet, revealing their true hearts.

Memories are important – both having them and making them. Time is precious. Once it is spent, you cannot get it back.

The novel shows the importance of having the correct priorities. “I didn’t want to lose my family to money.” The love of money and power can lure us away from what is really important – and that is family.

Family takes centre stage in the novel. A crisis draws scattered family back to the heart. There are some wonderful relationships. None more beautiful than those of five year old Joy. Her love, loyalty and quest for the simple things in life is infectious. “Her exuberance and joy is contagious.” She just took up residence in my heart.

Prayer is vital. We need to pray without ceasing and at all times. “I hand it over to the Lord in prayer.”

There is a wonderful warm and welcoming atmosphere to the novel which envelopes the reader from the start. I loved the inclusion of the cat as a minor character. I could totally relate to this sentiment. “My cat… really is the perfect man – considerate, always happy to see me and shares my bed without taking it over.”

Life can be full of regrets. Regrets will lock us into the past. We need to focus on today and move forwards into the future.

People bond around food. The inclusion of a bakery in the novel certainly gets the reader’s taste buds going.

When Love Returns was a perfectly delightful read. I now want to read more by Lorana Hoopes. Give yourself a treat today – and discover Lorana Hoopes writings for yourself.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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