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Riot by JJ Sammie Myles & Ronie Kendig

My Guardian

Riot by JJ Samie Myles & Ronie Kendig is an exciting contemporary Christian suspense. It is part of A Breed Apart series but can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed meeting up with familiar faces.

Riot is the canine member of a SEALs team who has been retired but still has the hunger to work. He is fearless, brave and loyal, prepared to defend his master at all costs. He is a major player in the story and certainly one of my favourites.

 Combat leaves scars. Sometimes they are physical and sometimes mental. PTSD needs help to recover from but it needs to be recognized by the individual first, and for them to admit that help is needed.

Survivors guilt drags characters down. “Why did he get to live when they were all dead? Why, God?” Sometimes we will never know the answers but we owe it to the fallen, to live well and in their memory.

Forgiveness is a theme. Sometimes we cannot forgive in our own strength and we need to tap into God and forgive in His strength. We do not know how a person will respond when we give forgiveness – but that is not our business. That is God’s. He will deal with their heart. Our job is to forgive and leave the rest to Him.

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