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Chaos by Ronie Kendig & Steffani Webb


Chaos by Ronie Kendig and Steffani Webb is an exciting contemporary Christian suspense that I really enjoyed and could not put down. It is the second book in the series A Breed Apart: Legacy but can be read as a stand-alone.

The leading characters include an ex-marine K9, Chaos, who is very much a personality in her own right. She is unswervingly loyal and will protect those in need, whilst simultaneously tracking down the bad guys.

There is a chemistry between the two main characters. Both are strong personalities who begin by rubbing each other up the wrong way! Both, like Chaos, are loyal and relentless in their pursuit of justice.

We travel from domestic America to the jungles of the Philippines. As the vegetation becomes more thicker, the tension also rises, as we track down and chase the villains.

Our upbringings shape the adults we become. A childhood tragedy means a character is very protective and determined that no one will be lost on their watch. Other events have also shaped lives.

We see how desperation can cause characters to get caught up in events they never intended. Good guys can become corrupt if they stay silent when they should speak up.

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Havoc by Ronie Kendig

Loyal & True

Havoc by Ronie Kendig is a fabulous contemporary Christian suspense. It is the first book in the Breed Apart: Legacy series and I cannot wait for subsequent books.

The reader follows military dog Havoc and his ex-soldier owner. Although they were both invalided out of the military, they still both possess their skills. A simple acting job quickly becomes much more as both man and dog revert to type, putting their military training back into action.

Havoc and his owner work in partnership. Both can predict the other’s moods. Havoc, a large Malamute, whilst fiercely protective and loyal to his handler, still needs to be treated with caution. Their bond is beautiful to witness.

The past influences actions in the present. Previous hurts have made characters wary of forming new relationships. Cautiousness is sometimes mistaken for aloofness.

We all need a relationship with God. When the chips are down, a character presses into God with prayer. For another, it takes a dire situation, for the realization that the God, whom her friend believes in, is real.

God looks at us and He sees us. “He saw me. Not my name. Not my family.” God sees us just as we are. He looks at us and He loves us and He calls us His children.

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Thirst Of Steel by Ronie Kendig


Thirst Of Steel by Ronie Kendig is a thrilling Christian suspense. It is the third and final book in the Tox Files series.

Once again Ronie Kendig has spun an intricate tale that keeps the reader on their toes. Familiar characters continue to fight against evil forces. The team is loyal and has each other’s backs.

There is the question of truth and lies. Not everything is as it seems. Going deep undercover means sometimes lines are blurred. Characters risk their own safety to bring others to justice.

A centuries old curse needs to be broken as brilliant minds try to piece old artefacts together.

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Crown Of Souls by Ronie Kendig

Carved Into A Nightmare

Crown Of Souls by Ronie Kendig is an epic Christian adventure suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat. Book two in the Tox Files continues the action – ancient artefacts and myths collide with modern warfare.

The novel explores the battle against evil, warning there is “a fine line between fighting evil and becoming it.” We need to be aware that evil does exist in this world and we need to overcome evil with good.

Trust is a major theme. A band of brothers, a fighting unit has to trust that each other have their backs. Likewise God can be trusted. At times there is nowhere else to turn but to God. “She shouldn’t worry – God would handle the fight.” Reminding the reader of the Biblical passage that tells us to stand still because the battle is the Lord’s.

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