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Heading Over The Hill by Judy Leigh

Absolutely Charming

Heading Over The Hill by Judy Leigh is the most charming contemporary novel about growing old and having fun.

The main characters are all fifty plus with some octogenarians. Growing old does not have to mean slowing down. There is still fun out there to be had… especially if you own a Harley Davidson. New neighbours certainly shake up a sleepy street with their kindness, friendship and zest for life. They will blow all your pre-conceived ideas about older people with pipe and slippers out of the window. There are misunderstandings along the way even as the hand of friendship is extended.

This book is such a fun read. It will make you roar with laughter and also cry silently. There are some extremely funny scenes – I will never forget an octogenarian on a dry ski slope. I literally laughed out loud. A rather raucous budgie creates amusing scenes too.

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A Grand Old Time by Judy Leigh

Growing Old Disgracefully

A Grand Old Time by Judy Leigh is a really fun contemporary novel that will have you in stitches. It debunks all the myths about seventy five year olds being ‘over the hill’. Life is for living, no matter how old you are.

The main theme is carpe diem – we are a long time dead – so seize the day and do something different. Begin to live again. Do not wait around for the future, grab the present with both hands and try something new.

Judy Leigh has created a marvellous lead character in the form of seventy five year old Evie. She is fun. She is mischievous. She is brave. She is not content to live out her days in an old people’s home that was “sucking the soul out of me.” Evie shows how to grow old disgracefully. Life is an adventure to be had.

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