The Golden Gals French Adventure by Judy Leigh

Leaves The Reader Smiling

The Golden Gals French Adventure by Judy Leigh is a most charming contemporary novel that I absolutely loved. I sank into the tale like a cosy bathrobe. It was a pure delight.

Life is for living. Too often our lives are caught up with work and duty. As we get older, we have choices to make. In the tale we meet characters who are approaching seventy and at crossroads in life – to continue as they have always done? Or to take a new direction?

The two main characters are chalk and cheese – Fliss has had a successful business and a life that revolved around networking, spending money and drinking. Her life is lonely in retirement. Those whom she thought of as friends, turn out to merely be acquaintances who do not want to meet up, seeing as she is now serving no useful purpose to them.

The other character, Shirl, is Fliss’ cleaner. She is approaching sixty. She is more than just a cleaner, she is a true friend to Fliss. Shirl is a family woman. She still looks after her grown up daughter and granddaughter. Shirl is a kind hearted soul, taking pleasure in the simple things in life.

The unlikely pairing of Fliss and Shirl take a holiday to France, staying in the coastal house of a friend of Fliss. Here, the fresh air opens up more than lungs, it opens up both the women’s lives.

Judy Leigh shows the importance of having the correct priorities. “We lose the ability to relax by focusing too much on things that matter least – money, success.” Life is not about having loads of stuff. Life is about connecting with beating hearts.

All the characters are wonderfully drawn and realistic. Though approaching seventy, the characters still have a youthful zest for life. They have huge hearts and a lightness of spirit.

The Golden Gals French Adventure is such a fun read. It shows that life is for living, whatever your age.

The atmosphere of the French beachside escape has been perfectly captured by Judy Leigh. All the reader’s senses are assaulted by sun, sea, sand, companionship and love. The warmth of the welcome is matched by the warmth of the sun.

I absolutely adored The Golden Gals French Adventure. Books by Judy Leigh are always fun reads that leave me smiling and fill my heart with love.

I received a free copy from Rachel’s Random Resources for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


The Golden Gals’ French Adventure

Sixty-nine-year-old Fliss has lived a life!

A career running her own successful business, a beautiful home, a wardrobe full of designer clothes – Fliss has everything she ever wanted. So why does she feel so lonely?

Sixty-six-year-old Shirl didn’t expect to be looking after a baby again, let alone a grown woman who should know better. But with her daughter Gemma struggling to adapt to motherhood, and her boss Fliss increasingly reliant on Shirl to run her life, Shirl never gets a moment to herself.

Fliss might not be great at life’s chores, but she is great at seizing opportunities, so when the chance for a jaunt to France’s beautiful Brittany comes her way, she decides it’s just what she and Shirl need. And as the sun-soaked town of Plouvannec-Sur-Mer begins to work its magic on the women, they realise there’s another way to live.

From cake-laden patisseries, to joyous local fetes, from food, views and beaches to die for, to a community quick to embrace them, not to mention some rather fine French men for company, perhaps it’s not too late for Fliss and Shirl to embrace a new adventure and look forwards to a totally different future.

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Judy Leigh is the USA Today bestselling author of The Old Girls’ Network and Five French Hens and the doyenne of the ‘it’s never too late’ genre of women’s fiction. She has lived all over the UK from Liverpool to Cornwall, but currently resides in Somerset.

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