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You’ve Got This by Maxine Morrey

Cocooned & Loved

You’ve Got This by Maxine Morrey is an absolutely delightful contemporary novel that will warm your heart and make you smile.

The action is in the first person from the point of view of the main character. We get to know her intimately. She is kind and amusing but being a pupil from the school of hard knocks means she has constructed a wall around her heart. “You helped make cracks that let the light in.” We all need to find that person who enables us to trust and to let them into our life. Our lives become richer when we learn to open up and let people in.

A family run hotel welcomes everyone with a warm smile. The reader feels the warmth as a loving kindness envelops us.

Rejection after rejection from a baby has hurt. A character is remarkably undamaged with a sunny personality which the reader admires.

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One Moment In Time by Shari Low

Carpe Diem

One Moment In Time by Shari Low is a most delightful contemporary novel which I loved.

The tale is about love and family. We see characters who love their families so much that they always put them first. They practice sacrificial love.

Lives have been squashed for far too long as smiles were plastered on faces. Somewhere down the years, characters lost sight of themselves. It is never too late to have a fresh start.

Big hearted daughters plan something special for their parents thirtieth wedding anniversary. Little do they realise that the dominoes are about to fall.

The reader is treated to the sights and sounds of Las Vagas. Shari Low provides full descriptions painting the urban landscape for us as we imagine ourselves there.

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Changing Times At Harpers by Rosie Clarke

Of Kind & Encouraging Hearts

Changing Times At Harpers by Rosie Clarke is a marvellous historical novel and the seventh book in the Harpers Emporium series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

I enjoyed meeting up with familiar faces. It is now 1920, the first world war is behind but its affects are still being felt in the form of shell shock. A character has been altered from a gentle soul to an angry, fearful young man. With specialist care, it is hoped that he will recover.

The 1920’s are years of change. Women did men’s jobs during the war and kept Britain going. Now they are being forced back into the home but having tasted freedom, the Women’s Movement is gaining momentum and lobbying for change.

Women have a mental strength of character but can still be overpowered physically by men who are stronger.

Tragedy strikes as illness brings down a family member. We see the shock and devastated lives.

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The Librarian by Valerie Keogh


The Librarian by Valerie Keogh is a thrilling contemporary suspense that entertained me as my pulse rose. It is definitely not a book to be read alone on a dark night or you will be awake listening to every creak and groan!

The past is a dreadful place to inhabit – ten years of guilt tormenting a character who cannot quite get past one night that haunts her memory.

Full descriptions create an eerie atmosphere that plunge the reader, along with the characters, into a nightmare as a life seems to be spiraling out of control. It seems that trouble is following and messing with a mind that is already disquieted.

We see the bond of sisterhood between sisters and friends as they support each other through troubling seasons.

London, though huge, can be very lonely and is a place where no one will hear you scream.

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