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Your Place Or Mine? by Portia MacIntosh

Delightfully Fun

Your Place Or Mine? by Portia MacIntosh is a delightful contemporary offering that made me smile from the start.

I always adore Portia MacIntosh’s novels. They are very charming and make me feel good. Your Place Or Mine? is wonderfully light-hearted and highly amusing. I found myself chortling out loud at times. It is a delicious rom-com that is highly entertaining and would make a marvelous movie.

The story is written in the first person enabling the reader to become intimately acquainted with the lead character. She has a kind heart and a generous spirit, and is a fun-filled character.

We see a beautiful bond that has been severed by death. Grief is raw. I loved this description: “Grief is how we keep loving people when they’re not here anymore.” We mourn deeply because we love deeply. We see the devastation in a heart that loss brings. In contrast we witness family squabbling over money and possessions left behind. This is ugly. The character with the pure heart and soul is very beautiful.

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Sunrise With The Silver Surfers by Maddie Please

Delightfully Fun

Sunrise With The Silver Surfers by Maddie Please is a delightfully fun contemporary novel that will make you smile as you read of sun-filled days.

The novel is set in Australia. Maddie Please has some wonderfully descriptive passages enabling the reader to ‘see’ the landscape and ‘feel’ the heat. As with life, it is not always sunny. The storms come but after the rain, the sun comes out. The weather mirrors the action.

I loved all the characters. It is so refreshing to have the lead characters approaching sixty. Maddie Please shows that growing old does not have to mean slowing down and wearing beige! Life is for living. We can be just as colourful and enjoy life at sixty as at twenty. Life is not just for the young, life is for everyone.

We witness a character coming to life again after years of being squashed down. New horizons enable her to expand and become the girl she used to be.

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The Neighbour by Gemma Rogers

A Compelling Read

The Neighbour by Gemma Rogers was a compulsive contemporary psychological suspense that gripped me from the start.

A cul de sac of six houses should be the ideal place to live – but no one expected the neighbour. Fresh from one nightmare situation and dropped into another. Can you guess what goes on behind closed doors?

We see the protective love of a mother for her daughter. They share a beautiful bond which extends to their little dog.

Other daughters, in contrast, have a more warped relationship with their mother.

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There’s No Place Like Home by Jane Lovering

Wow – Heart Racing!

There’s No Place Like Home by Jane Lovering is a contemporary adventure novel that entertained me from the start.

The premise is a reality tv show shot in the wilds of the Yorkshire moors, with contestants on the hunt for evidence of a big cat. Financial reward beckons as the group of five and their leader channel their inner Bear Grylls! The bleak wet, winter landscape comes alive under the author’s masterful pen.

They are an eclectic mix of characters from various backgrounds who all want a share in the £250,000 prize money.

At first it is the money that binds them together but as they open up, friendships begin to form.

Everyone is hiding their true identities. As they spend time together, the shutters slowly begin to rise and the true identities shine through.

Everyone wants a place to call home. Sometimes home is not bricks and mortar but home is found in another person.

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