Something We Never Imagined by Douglas Wemple

Trust In The Lord Always

Something We Never Imagined by Douglas Wemple is a beautiful contemporary Christian novel that will fill your heart and soul with the love of God.

We see that life is not always easy but God is always faithful. We can trust him on the mountain tops and we can trust Him in the valleys “There’s always hope, even in our darkest hours.” God will never let us down and He will never abandon us. God is with us at the beginning of life and at its’ ending. “She trusted in the Lord even as her time here on earth expired.” We do not want to live without Jesus, and we certainly do not want to die without Jesus.

Evidence of God is all around us. “It’s [nature] like a portrait from God.”

A major theme of the novel is forgiveness. When we have been hurt, we may harbor unforgiveness in our hearts. We are punishing ourselves as much as others. To forgive is to experience freedom and joy. As a character declares “I had no idea I would feel so amazing.” Sometimes we cannot forgive in our own strength and then we must press into God. “Her faith and trust in God had allowed her to forgive.”

We follow a character struggling through life after turning his back on God. He does not realise that the road he travels will never bring happiness. Success in earthly things is meaningless. It will never quench a thirst in us. Only God can bring peace – even in the midst of life’s storms.

Something We Never Imagined is a book full of love. It is a book that will help us draw close to God. There is a richness to be found within the pages.

We see characters face hurts and we see a God who is faithful.

Something We Never Imagined is a powerful, beautiful read.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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