Hard Times On Weaver Street by Chrissie Walsh

Constant & True

Hard Times On Weaver Street by Chrissie Walsh is a fabulous historical novel and the second book in the Weaver Street series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces as the residents of Weaver Street journey through the 1920’s and 1930’s.

These are challenging decades as the residents who are recovering from World War I find themselves plunged into depression before war once more looms on the horizon.

All the women are strong, realistic and likable. They support each other throughout life’s changing seasons. They also welcome new faces. “There was more love in those shabby little houses in Lamb Lane than there ever had been in Heathcote Manor.” Money does not buy happiness.

There is no judging of situations as the women realise that there but for the grace of God. We all make mistakes and need love not judgement.

It is delightful to watch the children grow throughout the course of the book as we welcome the next generation of residents to occupy Weaver Street.

Strikes and a visit by Oswald Moseley reveal the unrest of the day.

Despite the world changing, the residents of Weaver Street remain constant and true. Their love shines from the pages of the book. I am looking forward to many more visits to Weaver Street.

I received a free copy from Rachel’s Random Resources for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


Hard Times on Weaver Street

When the Great Depression hits Liverpool hard, can Weaver Street’s close knit community keep each other safe?

As Liverpool and its residents begin to heal from the wounds and memories of World War I, life on Weaver Street in 1924 is blessedly peaceful. 

At number eleven, widow Kitty Conlon is dreaming about her upcoming wedding to John, while at number nine her best friend Maggie is cursing her bad luck as she juggles the demands of her cantankerous mother, stroppy daughter and fly-by-night beau. At number fifteen, Mavis has a mysterious new lodger, while further along the street the O Malley family are missing their beloved Ireland.

But as the Depression begins to bite, and the arrival of the Muller family on Weaver Street signals the worrying drumbeats of conflict coming from Germany, the fragile happiness and peace Liverpool has been enjoying looks destined to end. And as the neighbours pull together in the toughest of times, the women on Weaver Street face the prospect of waving their menfolk off to war.

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Author Bio –

Chrissie Walsh was born and raised in West Yorkshire and is a retired schoolteacher with a passion for history. She has written several successful sagas documenting feisty women in challenging times for Aria. Welcome to Weaver Street, the first title in her new WW1 saga series for Boldwood.

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