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Gerard Philey’s Euro-Diary: Quest For A Life

Never Give Up Hoping

Gerard Philey’s Euro-Diary: Quest For A Life by Brendan James is a light-hearted novel set out in the form of a diary from 1996. It is reminiscent of The Diary Of Adrian Mole but for adults.

The reader follows Gerard Philey from his bedsit in Walsall across Europe – mainly to Amsterdam but also to Bruges, Prague and more. It is a cosmopolitan read that opens Gerard Philey’s eyes to a totally different way of life. The English are a reserved nation especially when contrasted with the uninhibited Dutch.

We see Gerard Philey as he adapts to situations but he remains a faithful friend with a kind heart.

There are many light-hearted, humorous moments that had me laughing out loud. This is definitely a fun read that will brighten any day.

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