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A Foot In Both Camps by Arrabella Williams

A Powerful Read

A Foot In Both Camps by Arrabella Williams is a heart-wrenching YA novel suitable for ages ten years and over.

The novel follows Susie, a young girl with Jamaican heritage but born in Britain. Her parents were part of the Windrush generation. We see her struggles as she has a foot in both camps – her father clings to his Jamaican roots whereas her mother tries to assimilate the family into the local community – first in Northampton and then in Birmingham.

Susie’s household is ruled by her father who is a cruel man, beating his children and his wife as he believes it is the Jamaican way. My heart went out to Susie. She is a little girl with a big personality who deserves to be loved.

I had much empathy for Susie and found her easy to identify with – I also grew up in Birmingham, learn to read with the Ladybird scheme of Peter and Jane, and watched Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds. I was also in a class of 40 with wooden desks and inkwells. For me, A Foot In Both Camps was very much a walk down memory lane.

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The Adventures Of Rose by Mary Bessenich

Absolutely Charming

The Adventures Of Rose by Mary Bessenich is an absolutely charming story for anyone aged eight years and over. I absolutely loved it.

The Adventures Of Rose is such a beautiful, heart-warming tale that will make your heart swell with love and also your eye shed a tear. The book is about Rose, a hand-crafted doll, and her life of thirty years and counting.

The reader sees the love that goes into making Rose and the loss felt when she is sold.

Rose is a special doll with a red velvet heart who leaves a trail of love wherever she goes.

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The Arrival Of Jessica BunnyDuck by Harry Bird

It’s Ok To Be Different

The Arrival Of Jessica BunnyDuck by Harry Bird is a beautiful book and just perfect for the under fives.

The book teaches our children that it is okay to be different on the outside. Inside we are all the same with our basic needs for food, warmth and love.

The message of the book teaches our children to love and care as we see an abandoned baby welcomed into a family unit. We learn the concept of sharing what we have with those around us who have nothing.

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D.A.N’s Little Book Of War Poetry by D.A. Nicholson

Very Sad, Very Powerful

D.A.Ns Little Book Of War Poetry by D.A. Nicholson is absolutely heart breaking and very powerful.

The poems cover the major conflicts since World War I but with a heavy loading set during the war to end all wars.

We hear about the mud, the terror, the gunfire. Under the masterful pen of D.A. Nicholson, the terrible images spring to life as we ‘see’ the desolation of war.

There are a few poems set in Iraq and Vietnam. We hear of the terrible cruelty of the Holocaust. We ‘see’ men being given white feathers and shot for cowardice. We hear of the total futility of war, the terrible loss of lives as men are used for cannon fodder.

All the poems are powerful. The one that really affected me was Bright, Shining Light about the atomic bomb being dropped from Enola Gay. It was accompanied by a drawing of what is now the peace museum. It really shows the futility of war:

“Men, women, and children, getting on with their lives, on this warm summer’s day,

The world changed forever when they dropped the atomic bomb from the Enola Gay.”

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