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Poems For Loved Ones by Kenzo Amariyo

Powerfully Moving

Poems For Loved Ones by Kenzo Amariyo is a powerful collection of heartfelt poems for those who are grieving.

In the introduction we learn about the power of forgiveness. “Forgiveness is only a choice away.” We must forgive or else risk imprisoning ourselves in bitterness. Unforgiveness will hurt us most of all.

As we love, we know that one day we will hurt. The only way to prevent hurt is to lock up our heart and never love – but what sort of a life would that be?

As we live, choose to live a life of love and make memories that will warm us when loss comes.

Grief has a cycle of “denial; anger; bargaining; depression; acceptance.” We do not move on from one to the next in a fluid moment but will revisit the stages before we finally come to acceptance of what we cannot change. Each grief journey is unique.

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Curly Worm by Linda Sawdon

Very Charming

Curly Worm by Linda Sawdon is a very charming tale for the under fives.

It is a beautiful book as we follow the exploits of a worm who joins a dancing class.

The story is written in rhyme and has a bouncy rhythm to it. This will make it easy for children to join in once they have heard it a few times.

All the book is beautifully illustrated. There are some very charming, friendly-faced animals. Each page can be used as a starting point for discussions with our children.

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The Adventures Of Gorg by Julia Sawyer

Sound Advice

The Adventures Of Gorg by Julia Sawyer is a powerful little book for the under tens to help them cope in the modern world.

We learn that we all have the same primitive thinking – no one likes me; there’s danger; etc – and we have them same body responses – get ready to run etc. Our negative thoughts are not unique to us.

Julia Sawyer shares coping mechanisms – think positive thoughts; share a cuddle blanket; etc. We learn that we are not alone and we are not unique.

Julia Sawyer is a clinical psychologist who has written The Adventures Of Gorg to help children to identify and to deal with their thoughts.

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Yvonne Child Of The Somme by Sara Rowell


Yvonne Child Of The Somme by Sara Rowell is a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era.

The reader becomes immersed into French life during the early part of the twentieth century. The author drops in on mother Marie’s life as a domestic servant in 1900 before following Yvonne’s life from 1901.

Life for women in France at the turn of the century was hard. We learn that a third of all births in Paris in 1900 was to single mothers and yet there was no pressure on the fathers to claim responsibility. Females were at the mercy of males. Domestic servants were at risk of abuse from other male servants or their masters.

The poor were seen as a problem for society that was ruled by the male elite. “The wealthy male elite… saw poor people not as individuals but as a … problem.” There was no poor relief and life was a lottery. Many women could not afford to keep their babies.

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