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Pets Aplenty by Malcolm D Welshman

Sniggering And Snorting Throughout!

Pets Aplenty by Malcolm D Welshman is an absolutely wonderful account of the life of a novice vet. It is the third book in the Pets In A Pickle series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This was a delightfully entertaining book that literally had me laughing out loud. I made my way through the book snorting and sniggering throughout at the antics of the animals!

The action all sprang to life under the masterful pen of Malcolm Welshman. I adored the droll inner voice when dealing with a badger; and the Jack Russell with the bad case of wind was absolutely hilarious! The serious young boy rehearsing for the nativity play also appealed to my sense of humor.

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A Year Of The Teacher by Steve Logston

A ‘Wow’ Ending

A Year Of The Teacher by Steve Logston is a compulsive read that drew me in from the start.

The action is told in the first person enabling the reader to become intimately acquainted with the lead character’s thoughts and feelings. We follow him through his first year of teaching.

Teaching requires commitment and dedication. The reader witnesses the conflict between school duties and the pull of having a personal life.

As a young man the lead character had other interests such as being in a band and drinking alcohol. As a female I found it difficult to relate to his lifestyle but this did not detract from recognising that the book was well written.

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When Both Ends Meet by Alan C Hammond


When Both Ends Meet by Alan C Hammond is a wonderful eclectic collection of poems, all cleverly constructed and highly entertaining.

Each poem is introduced by the author. They are varying lengths from just four lines to a couple of pages.

The poems cover a variety of subjects. I had my favourites. I particularly liked Sonnet about a mother, and also the very first poem When Both Ends Meet about Santa and Lucifer. Some poems make you think – why does a gooseberry have hairs? And more seriously about the gap between the common man who does all the graft compared with those in the upper classes.

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Scallywag My Duvet Diva by Christopher Weedon

To Honor A Friend

Scallywag My Duvet Diva by Christopher Weedon is a wonderful book written in memory of rescue dog Scally. It is beautifully written and you will need tissues!

Christopher Weedon admits he has “never known such grief before” on the loss of Scally. He wrote this book to help him traverse his days of grief.

The book is about the authors day to day adventures with Scally. The two formed such a beautiful bond. He rescued Scally but in so doing so, she rescued him after his relationship break up.

We hear of their adventures on a canal boat. We witness the love and care given to Scally to help to make her feel safe. And we see lives blossoming.

I love the fact that Scally is given a voice in the book and that we ‘hear’ her thoughts.

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