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The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller

Trust And Obey

The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller is a charming historical Christian novel set in 1913.

We see the importance of telling people about God who loves them. A preacher and his daughter travel into the American wilderness via the railways to spread the Good News to various communities. In some places they are welcomed, in others there is a degree of suspicion until they see that the pair are spreading love and not there to interfere.

The majority of the novel is set in a poor mining town. Here, the townsfolk are held to ransom by the mine owners who do not repair the properties, show little regard for safety in the mines and pay a pittance. The preacher and his daughter set about to show practical expressions of God’s love to the community.

In 1913 liquor is illegal in many states meaning that illegal making and selling of moonshine has sprung up. It is dangerous to interfere with these operations as the men are unscrupulous and are ready to kill. Their goal is to make money and to stop anyone in their way.

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Secret Angel Meetings by Megan Fitzgerald

Simply Beautiful Debut

Secret Angel Meetings by Megan Fitzgerald is the most beautiful children’s book, just perfect for the under fives.

The book explores what happens when we sleep, how our departed loved ones meet us in our dreams. It is a lovely idea that our loved ones are in heaven but not so far away. Secret Angel Meetings is a beautiful way to explain death to the under fives.

Simple rhyming patterns help children to remember the story and anticipate what is coming next.

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More Memoirs Of A Midwife by Carol Duncombe

A Wealth Of Tales

More Memoirs Of A Midwife by Carol Duncombe is a fascinating account of the life of a community midwife.

Having read Carol Duncombe’s first book, I knew I was going to be in for a real treat with this one. Carol Duncombe certainly knows how to tell a tale. She engages the reader from the start with her personable, chatty style. She writes as if she is sat beside you, regaling the tale.

As a midwife for over forty years Carol Duncombe has a wide variety of stories. Some are sad, most are happy, some are bizarre and some are absolutely hilarious – I shall never forget the pet parrot who cheered on the mum having a home birth! I was literally laughing until the tears poured down my cheeks!

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The Hidden Village by Imogen Matthews

A Brave Community

The Hidden Village by Imogen Matthews is a compulsive historical novel set in Holland during World War II.

Holland was rapidly overrun by Nazis and many people had to go into hiding. The Hidden Village tells a tale of the brave folks in a community who helped to feed and hide not only their Jewish neighbours, but those from further afield.

A whole hidden village sprang up within a dense forest but it needed brave and trusted people to bring supplies. The reader marvels at this community, even the children got involved, sometimes using imaginative ways to get food.

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