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More Memoirs Of A Midwife by Carol Duncombe

A Wealth Of Tales

More Memoirs Of A Midwife by Carol Duncombe is a fascinating account of the life of a community midwife.

Having read Carol Duncombe’s first book, I knew I was going to be in for a real treat with this one. Carol Duncombe certainly knows how to tell a tale. She engages the reader from the start with her personable, chatty style. She writes as if she is sat beside you, regaling the tale.

As a midwife for over forty years Carol Duncombe has a wide variety of stories. Some are sad, most are happy, some are bizarre and some are absolutely hilarious – I shall never forget the pet parrot who cheered on the mum having a home birth! I was literally laughing until the tears poured down my cheeks!

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