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The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller

Trust And Obey

The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller is a charming historical Christian novel set in 1913.

We see the importance of telling people about God who loves them. A preacher and his daughter travel into the American wilderness via the railways to spread the Good News to various communities. In some places they are welcomed, in others there is a degree of suspicion until they see that the pair are spreading love and not there to interfere.

The majority of the novel is set in a poor mining town. Here, the townsfolk are held to ransom by the mine owners who do not repair the properties, show little regard for safety in the mines and pay a pittance. The preacher and his daughter set about to show practical expressions of God’s love to the community.

In 1913 liquor is illegal in many states meaning that illegal making and selling of moonshine has sprung up. It is dangerous to interfere with these operations as the men are unscrupulous and are ready to kill. Their goal is to make money and to stop anyone in their way.

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Seams Like Love by Judith Miller

Learning To Trust

Seams Like Love by Judith Miller is a charming Christian historical novella. It is part of the book A Patchwork Christmas Collection. The snow on the ground is in complete contrast to the warm welcome that the reader receives.

There are the twin themes of faith and trust. Being hurt in the past has meant a character has walled up her heart. She needs to unleash the chains and learn to live and trust again.

Words spoken over us have the power to build up or tear down. An unkind remark in childhood has had a lasting impact on a life. We need to listen to the positive voice of God who says we are loved. We also need to curb our own tongues and think before we speak.

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