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Tatty Duck Grown Up by Juliet Deacock

A Rich Variety

Tatty Duck Grown Up by Juliet Deacock is a beautiful children’s book for the under fives. The story is based on a real-life duckling who was found orphaned on a pond. We see her photo on the reverse of the book.

The tale is written in rhyme. This bounce along pattern enables our children to help remember the words, to be able to predict what is coming next and to join in, after several read throughs.

I really loved the inclusion of a map at the start, showing the place where Tatty Duck lives. There is such a lot of detail which will be wonderful to look at with our children and to provide talking points – such as, which house would you like to live in? Is that your paddling pool? Who lives in an old hen hut?

All the book is beautifully illustrated. A rich variety of wildlife is shown which can teach our children about what we may see on river walks. All the wildlife looks very friendly, with the exception of the swans!

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A Mother’s Love by Lorna Farrell


A Mother’s Love by Lorna Farrell is a powerful true story of Bridie McGoldrick and her husband Mick who were able to forgive their son’s killer.

Bridie McGoldrick is inspirational. She forgave not in her strength but with the strength of Jesus. I actually remember the news reports of her son Michael’s murder in 1996. Bridie and Mick are an amazing couple. Following their son’s murder, they could have become bitter but they actually developed their hearts and eyes to the poor and vulnerable.

They chose to serve the poor in Romania, Malawi and Moldova via mission trips and fund raising back home in Ireland.

The couple modelled the love of Jesus everywhere they went and in everything they did. They were obedient to His calling to love others.

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The Secrets Of Latimer House by Jules Wake

The Record Keepers

The Secrets Of Latimer House by Jules Wake is a marvellous historical novel that enthralled me from the start.

The novel is set in 1943 in the Buckingham countryside. It is based on factual evidence but the story is fictional. What happens in Latimer House stays in Latimer House.

Whilst World War II was absolutely dreadful, it did enable women to break out of their traditional roles as they stepped into the shoes vacated by men. “All her life she’d been constrained by what she could do as a woman… The advent of war changed all that.” Women who had previously had little value placed on them, suddenly discovered hidden talents and found themselves in jobs they were talented at. Their roles were vital in winning the war.

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In Darkling Wood by Emma Carroll

Hope In The Dark

In Darkling Wood by Emma Carroll is a wonderful children’s dual timeline novel that will enchant the reader. It is perfect for ages ten and over.

The novel is set in present day and 1918 in the form of a series of letters. In both time periods there are sisters waiting for news of brothers – one is at war, the other in hospital. It is a tense time as the waiting seems to take an eternity.

Darkling Wood unites both time periods as the characters live in the same house united by their bloodline. Darkling Wood is rumored to be inhabited by fairies – but surely that cannot be true.

We witness the difficulty of fitting into a new school as one’s peers seem to be a close-knit group. A bond formed with a like-minded character helps to sustain.

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