God Speaks by Ruth O’Reilly Smith

Waiting Here For God

God Speaks: 40 Letters From The Father’s Heart by Ruth O’Reilly Smith is the most beautiful devotional journal. It is the perfect accompaniment to Lent.

In her introduction the author reveals how she felt prompted to listen to God and write a letter from Him every day during Lent 2020. This book is the result.

All the letters are biblically grounded giving a universal appeal to the timeless truths of God’s heart. As you read each letter, let God’s truth and love sink into your heart. These were God’s letters to Ruth O’Reilly Smith but they are also God’s letters to you and me. At different times, different letters will ‘speak’ to you.

Each day includes a scripture and sections for you to write your thoughts under the headings of Ask God; Prayer and My Thoughts.

At the end of the journal there is space for you to write your letter to God, and also to write His letter to you.

As we enter this season of Lent, why not join me and grab yourself a copy of God Speaks devotional journal. I shall set aside a quiet time each day with my God Speaks journal and a pen. I shall still myself, read a letter and wait on God.

If it is not the Lent season when you discover God Speaks, then that is ok. This is a timeless journal for you to start at any time in the year.

God Speaks is simply beautiful. Grab yourself a copy today and wait on God.

I received a free copy. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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