As Time Goes By by Anne Bennett

Family And Community

As Time Goes By by Anne Bennett is a delightful historical novel set in early 1930’s Birmingham which is my home town. It was wonderful to recognise locations mentioned including St Martins, St Chads and the Bullring.

The 1930’s were a period of poverty following the global crash of 1929. The sense of community was high as people helped where they could.

Tragedies still happened as there were old factories which made shells during World War I which needed clearing and repurposing. This really spoke to my heart as my Nanny made shells during World War I in a factory in Birmingham.

Those with secrets found them a heavy burden to bear. It was far better to release the load. Other burdens of guilt were also carried, this was unjustified but we always like to think the worst of ourselves.

The early 1930’s was very much a male dominated world where females had to choose between their jobs or marriage, in certain occupations. Some career paths were simply prohibited for married women.

All the characters were well drawn and realistic.

As Time Goes By was a delightful saga of life, a snapshot of social history between the wars. People did not have much but they did have family and community. This was a compulsive read that I devoured in just one sitting.


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