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The Secret To Happiness by Suzanne Woods Fisher

3 Legs On The Stool

The Secret To Happiness by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the most charming contemporary Christian novel that I read mainly in one sitting. I paused only to sleep. It is the second book in the Cape Cod Creamery series and can be read as a stand-alone. However, I recommend reading the books in order, so that you see character progression and development, as well as maximum enjoyment.

Cape Cod and family are the place to go when life gets tough. Family and the community offer love and care. It is surprising to witness healing coming in the form of six year old cowboy Leo. His warm, sunny nature and his openness, help souls heal. One cannot help but smile when he is around.

The story, once more, centres around the ice cream parlour. Now it is winter and the tourists are gone, it has to adapt and change. Likewise, we need to be adaptable as we start new chapters in life.

We all need lives that have purpose. “She’d hit her goal… there’d always been a vague feeling of emptiness… Is this all there is?” We need to make sure that are lives are centred on what gives meaning. So much in life is just chasing the wind. We need to find our purpose. Knowing God makes our lives meaningful. “Do you talk to God?” God longs to hear from us. Prayer is simply conversations with God. We need to listen as well as talk.

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The Sweet Life by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Transforming Lives With Love

The Sweet Life by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a most delightful contemporary Christian novel. It is the first book in the Cape Cod Creamery series and I cannot wait for the subsequent books.

There are some books that as soon as you start, you just know you are going to adore the book, love the characters and never want it to end – The Sweet Life is one of those books. It is simply beautiful.

Suzanne Woods Fisher has developed a wonderful eclectic mix of characters. Each one has a back story. Each one is, or has been, battling problems that will prove to be turning points in their lives. Each one lodged in my heart. Did I have a favourite? I have to admit a soft spot for five year old cowboy Leo.

Sometimes in life we will have health issues that will knock us for six. We meet a character who is recovering from surgery for breast cancer. The only way to deal with it was to live in isolation. She did not want to share her story. However, her experiences meant she was able to spot another with a breast cancer diagnosis, and then walk beside her as it was a path that she had already trodden.

We also meet a character who has bad news after bad news heaped on her. She does not turn from God but directs her anger and her questions to Him. Where is God in the midst of her suffering? He walks beside her. She cannot see Him nor feel Him but “God was trying to get my attention and finally had to use a megaphone.” We need to be so in tune with God that we hear His whisper.

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Mending Fences by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Limitless Love

Mending Fences by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a delightful contemporary Amish novel about healing and new beginnings. It is the first book in a new series, The Deacon’s Family and I cannot wait for the subsequent books.

Broken people are at the heart of the story. Some are broken due to poor choices, others have been broken and shaped by childhood. “God does His best work with messes.” Events have coloured our view of ourselves. We need others to point out our true worth. “You’re not just a girl on the streets. You’re a child of God… a pearl of great price.” We need to turn to God and believe what He tells us. God loves us and His love “wasn’t finite… It was limitless.”

There are some huge hearts for people in the novel that believe that we all deserve second chances. She saw “troubled people… as if she could see the diamond inside.” Kindness, patience and even tough love can all help to transform the troubled soul. Once transformed, hearts want to pay it forward and help others in need.

The novel shows the destructive power of addiction. We need help to overcome and there needs to be a desire for change.

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The Light Before Day by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Real Treasure

The Light Before Day by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a marvellous Christian historical novel with a dual timeline of the late seventeenth century and mid nineteenth century. It is the third book in the Nantucket legacy but can be read as a stand-alone. This has been a fascinating series that is grounded in reality as fact blends with fiction to enthral the reader.

The novel is about treasure – actual and literal. The real treasure is to be found within people, people whose hearts are in tune with God and whose eyes see others, and whose hands reach out to others. Bricks and mortar, earthly treasures can be replaced. People are priceless.

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