Love On A Whim by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Everyday Miracles

Love On A Whim by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the most charming contemporary Christian novel that I absolutely adored. It is the third book in the Cape Cod Creamery series but can be read as a stand-alone. I, however, recommend reading the previous books first for maximum enjoyment and for character progression as the characters run throughout the books, in a timeline capacity. Each book focuses on a different main character.

We see the importance of forgiveness. If we withhold it, we will become bitter not better. Forgiveness brings freedom as we give it, or receive it. “I’ve seen forgiveness produce miracles.” God’s love works on hearts, making the miraculous possible. What is impossible for us, is possible for God.

Being able to say sorry and to mean it, is how healthy relationships grow. I loved the thought that “apologies don’t have an expiration date.” While we still have breath, there is always time to apologise.

Our upbringings shape the adults we become. Sometimes we fear turning out just like our parents. We need to have a heart of flesh that is aware of the character traits coming down the generations.

A son does not want to model himself on his father who was always absent due to work. However, the son did not see the effect of growing up in poverty had on his father. His father is motivated by the need to provide for his family. There does need to be a healthy work/life balance.

Sometimes in life we place earthly qualities on our heavenly Father. We believe, wrongly, that if our earthly father let us down, then our heavenly Father will too. Nothing could be further from the truth. God can be trusted to love us and guide us through all the seasons of life.

Faith is important. A faith that puts a whole life in God’s hands is wise. “The thought of a God who guided was very comforting, very reassuring.” God is more than just a comforter. God is love and He will never let us down. Though people will break their promises, God never will.

There is a God-shaped hole in us all. Do we recognize our need? “I keep longing for … something more.” Only God can fill this deep longing in us.

Prayer is our lifeline to God. When life is good – pray. When life is hard – pray. Pray at all times about everything. “Pray about this, and leave it for God to untangle.” God can take our messes and transform them into masterpieces. Sometimes the answer to our prayers is another person. “Brynn might be an answer to unspoken prayer.” If God gives you a nudge, act on it. You might just be the answer to someone’s prayer.

All the characters were well drawn, likable and believable. We follow complex relationships and witness interactions, growth and development.

The setting of Cape Cod comes to life under the author’s marvellous pen. I could almost ‘see’ the sandy beach landscape and ‘taste’ the ice cream.

There are some very kind and generous hearts within the novel as people help where they can, with their time and talents.

I have loved this Cape Cod series. I am very much hoping that there will be more books.

I received a free copy. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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