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A Stepney Girl’s Secret by Jean Fullerton

Keep Calm & Carry On

A Stepney Girl’s Secret by Jean Fullerton is a compelling historical novel that entertained me from the start.

The action is set in London in 1940 at the start of the Blitz. We witness the preparations for fear of attack after the end of the phony war. We see children returning to London after being previously evacuated to the countryside.

The British are a stoic nation. They take what life throws at them, keep calm and carry on.

A family move from a rural vicarage to a London one. They throw their lives into the war effort, providing shelter for refugee mothers and their children as well as opening up the crypt for an air raid shelter.

Everyone is required to play their part. The vicar’s daughter signs up for war work and is rather surprised at the job she is given. With the men away fighting, the women must step up into the vacancies left behind.

Life and death, birth and marriages still continue. True love will find a way despite the actions of some.

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A Ration Book Victory by Jean Fullerton

The Greatest Love

A Ration Book Victory by Jean Fullerton is a marvellous historical novel. It is the final book in the East End Ration Book series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The action takes place in 1945 as Britain is nearing the end of the war. This is interspersed with a backwards glance to Ireland in the late nineteenth century as the reader hears about the youth of the Brogan family matriarch. We witness life and light in a young life. It is good to hear of Queenie’s background as it helps us to understand her character, exactly what has shaped her life. She was not born an old matriarch, once she was young with hopes and dreams and loves. Outwardly she looks old, but inwardly her youthful heart and spirit remain.

The whole book is about love. The love for our family members – not necessarily blood related but those whom we love and who love us.

We witness the fierce love that protects and sacrifices in contrast to the ‘love’ that uses a person. We may not always agree with the choices made by the young, but love stands beside them.

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A Ration Book Dream by Jean Fullerton

Secrets, Lies And Daily Life

A Ration Book Dream by Jean Fullerton is a marvellous historical novel and the first book in the East End Ration Book series which promises to be fascinating.

The book covers the beginning of the war from 1939 and into 1940. The reader meets the characters, many of whom are of good east end stock and community minded. We see hearts that want to do their bit for the war effort.

Fact and fiction blend together as we meet Oswald Moseley and his supporters. Ironically, they are living in freedom whilst terrorising the local Jewish population. In contrast good British-minded people who happen to have their roots in Italy are viewed and treated with suspicion. Friends and neighbours turn on those they view as enemy aliens once Italy enters the war.

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