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Old Friends Reunited by Maddie Please

Grab Life With Both Hands

 Old Friends Reunited by Maddie Please is a delightful contemporary novel that will put a smile on your face.

The leading characters are three sixty year old women who have been friends since school. It is lovely to get glimpses of the girls they once were as they reminisce. It is refreshing to have leading characters who are not in the first flush of youth. They were very easy for me to relate to.

We see that life is for living. While we are still breathing, we can still grab life with both hands. We may retire from our jobs but we do not need to retire from life.

A jaded life is given a new lease, fresh inspiration and the opportunity to try new things. Life opens up after accepting an invitation to travel from Britain to reunite with school friends in France. Life in Britain seems grey in contrast to the vibrancy of France.

As the novel progresses it is a joy to see a life blossom.

Our children always need us no matter how old they are. Too often they see us as their mum and not a person in our own right with a life to live that is ours alone.

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A Ration Book Victory by Jean Fullerton

The Greatest Love

A Ration Book Victory by Jean Fullerton is a marvellous historical novel. It is the final book in the East End Ration Book series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The action takes place in 1945 as Britain is nearing the end of the war. This is interspersed with a backwards glance to Ireland in the late nineteenth century as the reader hears about the youth of the Brogan family matriarch. We witness life and light in a young life. It is good to hear of Queenie’s background as it helps us to understand her character, exactly what has shaped her life. She was not born an old matriarch, once she was young with hopes and dreams and loves. Outwardly she looks old, but inwardly her youthful heart and spirit remain.

The whole book is about love. The love for our family members – not necessarily blood related but those whom we love and who love us.

We witness the fierce love that protects and sacrifices in contrast to the ‘love’ that uses a person. We may not always agree with the choices made by the young, but love stands beside them.

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Victory Bells For The Harpers Girls by Rosie Clarke

Community Care And Compassion

 Victory Bells For The Harpers Girls by Rosie Clarke is a marvellous historical novel. It is the sixth book in the Harpers Emporium series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel covers the year 1918, a year that everyone hoped would bring the end to the world war. As the book closes on 1918 we see the hope of peace has materialised.

War touches everyone. Many suffered losses. Those who did return often left pieces of themselves on the battlefields of Europe. Many suffered physical wounds – disfigurations were common as it was only with the end of World War I that plastic surgery and reconstructions began. The men who returned whole in body had often left their minds behind. Shell shock or PTSD was not understood. The returning men needed love, care and compassion. Their families witnessed huge personality changes in previously mild-mannered men.

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The Mersey Mothers by Sheila Riley

Community Minded

The Mersey Mothers by Sheila Riley is a compelling historical novel set in 1953. It is part of the Reckoners Row series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel has a powerful opening that grabbed my attention immediately and kept me questioning and returning, in my mind, to the start throughout. It is set in 1947 before jumping to 1953 but I wanted to know the truth about what had really happened and who had done what?

Reckoners Row is a place of community. We see life happen on a microcosm with love and care juxtaposed against deep-seated rivalries. We witness the effects when a jealousy gets out of hand.

Family is important. Family is not always blood ties but those who love us.

Education is the key to lifting lives out of poverty. We see this as we follow a sixteen year old with her hairdressing apprenticeship.

There is a cold case murder to solve. Is a life innocent? Or guilty? Some folks know more than they are letting on.

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