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All My Love by Miranda Dickinson

Always & Forever

All My Love by Miranda Dickinson is the most charming contemporary novel that I never wanted to end.

The tone is wonderfully light-hearted and fun, with much amusing banter.

The book celebrates life and love and friendship. We all need those people around us who believe in us. Too often the world knocks us down and our voices shrink and dry up – but with love and encouragement from others, our voices will turn the volume up once more. Voices are heard again because “They believed in me.” We all need people who believe in us.

Within the story there are those who tear down and belittle others. And there are those who know the value of people. A character has been broken in the past and believes she has no self-worth but “you are important… Don’t ever think you aren’t.” We all need people who will build us up.

Job satisfaction will never be found in bank notes. Our value is not in the amount of money we earn. Some of the happiest people work hard, doing their dream jobs behind the scenes. Often the most important people doing the most important jobs are actually grafting away behind the scenes, invisible to the world – but if they didn’t do their jobs, we would soon notice.

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The Silent Child by M.J. White

Horrifying, Heartbreaking & Powerful

The Silent Child by M.J White is a powerful and horrifying contemporary crime suspense that had me gripped from the start. It is the second book in the Cora Lael series but can be read as a stand-alone.

M.J. White has created an eclectic mix of characters from police to perpetrators to victims. As the novel progresses, we ‘hear’ the different voices as we ‘see’ events through alternating eyes.

The plotline is extremely well crafted and executed. We witness the damage that those who should protect, inflict on others. Actions have far-reaching consequences, both mental and physical.

There are characters who are physically weak but mentally strong.

A character is carrying a huge burden and wants to release it but there is the question of who to trust? Having been manipulated, events were not actually as the character believed. The line between truth and lies has been blurred.

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The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson


The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson is a beautiful contemporary love story that will enchant from the start.

Do you believe in love at first sight? A love that blossoms and takes over your whole life is a beautiful sight to see. “It feels… like my world just exploded into colour.” Due to Miranda Dickinson’s ability to weave her words, the reader ‘feels’ enveloped in an atmosphere of love. We can sense the depth of feeling and feel the invisible tie that binds.

The whole novel is beautifully written. The reader feels part of the action as we get caught up in the emotions.

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