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A Christmas To Remember by Various

Healing Hearts

A Christmas To Remember is a perfectly delightful set of eight contemporary Christian romances set around Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is shared from the deep snow to the sandy beach. Similar themes of caring for others, forgiveness, hurt, trust, grace and God’s love unite the tales. Warm, welcoming and wholesome characters entertain the reader. It was impossible to have a favourite as all the stories were delightful. You do not need to wait until December to experience these wonderful tales.

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Luna Rosa by Elizabeth Maddrey

Using Our Talents

Luna Rosa by Elizabeth Maddrey is a delightful contemporary Christian romance. It is the second book in the A Tuscan Legacy series that is a collection of stories by different authors linked by characters and themes. I have read the first book in the series so it was great to delve deeper into one of the characters. It can be read as a stand-alone too.

Elizabeth Maddrey always writes light hearted fun books that are deeply rooted in God. The main theme of Luna Rosa is using the talents God has given us. “We have to use the gifts God gives us… they’re our way to reach the world for Him.” Fear is a ploy from the enemy who never wants us to fulfil our God given potential.

Work should not be seen as a chore. “I offer that work to God as an act of worship.” Everything we do can be turned into worship to thank God for His goodness.

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A Heart Reclaimed by Elizabeth Maddrey

Feeling Familiarity

A Heart Reclaimed by Elizabeth Maddrey is a delightful contemporary Christian romance. It is the second book in the Peacock Hill Romance series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel is about restoring the past. A house and garden need renovating. The old will become new. This is a motif for our lives. God is the gardener who will replant and prune us according to His will. Likewise He is the master renovator who will restore our old selves into His likeness.

God is also the third partner in a marriage. “That’s… the secret to a long marriage. God. You keep Him front and centre, and everything else will fall into place.” We need to fix our eyes on Him.

Prayer is important. “We should only marry someone we can pray with.” We need to pray about everything. We also need to be equally yoked in marriage.

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Donuts And Daydreams by Elizabeth Maddrey

A Pure Delight

Donuts And Daydreams by Elizabeth Maddrey is another delightful contemporary Christian offering in the Baxter Family Bakery series. It is also part of the Arcadia Valley Romance series and is a wonderful warm read.

Meeting up with familiar characters meant I felt right at home. People bond over food and there were some deliciously tempting moments.

God is at the centre of lives. He longs to hear from us. Sometimes life is confusing and we have no words to say. We are “trying to find the words to pray, thankful… that the Holy Spirit knew her [our] heart.”

At times there are no words, but we can turn our worship into prayer. “Worship music… when she needed to pray but couldn’t find the words.”

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