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A Christmas To Remember by Various

Healing Hearts

A Christmas To Remember is a perfectly delightful set of eight contemporary Christian romances set around Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is shared from the deep snow to the sandy beach. Similar themes of caring for others, forgiveness, hurt, trust, grace and God’s love unite the tales. Warm, welcoming and wholesome characters entertain the reader. It was impossible to have a favourite as all the stories were delightful. You do not need to wait until December to experience these wonderful tales.

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Romance Grows In Arcadia Valley by Various

A Wonderful Collection

Romance Grows In Arcadia Valley by various is a wonderful set of six books, all set in the fictional Arcadia Valley. They all have similar themes including subsistence farming and preserving the earth’s resources for subsequent generations by shopping locally and buying or producing things locally. The stories all have a wonderful, warm community feel to them with likable and realistic characters who are easy to empathise with.

I loved how the stories reference characters and places in the other novels which adds to the feeling of familiarity. All the authors write delightful stories that will warm your heart.

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