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The Guilty Mother by Diane Jeffrey

Joining The Dots

The Guilty Mother by Diane Jeffrey is the most marvellous contemporary psychological thriller that had me gripped and guessing from the start. I picked up the clues that the author fed me along the way and tried to join the dots until the jaw dropping finale.

Diane Jeffrey has constructed a fabulous plotline that is both intricate and engrossing. All was very cleverly done as she drew me in from the start, holding my attention to the very last sentence.

The action was seen from several different points of view and alternated between 2012 and 2018. The result was that I ‘walked’ through the events alongside the characters. I watched the action unfold at the same time as the characters.

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He Will Find You by Diane Jeffrey

Heart Stopping

He Will Find You by Diane Jeffrey is a marvelous, heart stopping contemporary psychological thriller that will grip you from the start. I read with pulse rapidly rising, fearful of what lurked behind closed doors.

The characters were well drawn. There was more than a hint of menace behind a polished exterior. I questioned who was the face behind the mask? Could I trust what I saw? Or was I going crazy? I ‘lived’ the action with myself in the lead role. Who could I trust? Suspicion hid behind every corner.

Family is important. They support you but sometimes they mess you up. Your early years will make or break you.

Your new best friend? Or your new bitter enemy? You decide.

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