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The English Wife by Adrienne Chinn

One Segment At A Time

The English Wife by Adrienne Chinn is a delightful dual timeline novel with action set in 1940 and 2001, both moving forwards. It is a wonderful warm read that I adored.

The novel is set in Norwich during the war, and in 2001 in Newfoundland after a plane is diverted due to 9/11.

Families are a complicated affair. Relationships blossom and later die as hearts are consumed with hate and unforgiveness. As bitterness sets in, lives are tainted.

We have to make sure that we have the correct priorities. “Be careful you don’t miss the important things while you’re being so busy.” No one ever gets to the end of their life wishing they had spent more time in the office. The power and greed of corporations contrast with lives of love. One character is forever chasing fame and fortune. Neither will ever bring happiness. True wealth and treasure is to be found in people.

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