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The Polish Girl by Malka Adler


The Polish Girl by Malka Adler is a compelling historical novel that is rooted in fact.

The story is written in the first person as we follow the life of a young girl. The tale alternates between ‘now’ and looking backwards to World War II. 

The reader witnesses the courage and strength needed to survive as a Polish Jewish family under Nazi rule. It was a time of fear, persecution and round-ups. It seemed as though the people were forgotten by the world and by God. “God’s in heaven, and He isn’t asleep.” Faith was clung to, and a hope and desire to survive.

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The Forgotten Beach by Amanda James

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The Forgotten Beach by Amanda James is the most delightful contemporary novel that I just could not put down. It totally warmed my heart.

The novel is set in Cornwall – a landscape of artists, rugged cliffs and crumbling houses. It is a romantic backdrop with wild weather, smugglers caves and hidden coves. It is an area that begs to be explored.

Parallel to the elements is an old family house. It has been forgotten and neglected and is in need of renovation.

Likewise, there are characters who need bringing back to life after being dealt blows. As the house becomes more habitable, lives begin to live again.

An old photograph and a poem hint of an old legend and artefacts to be found. Romance is in the air. Tragedy has struck in the past but we are not destined to repeat the past – or are we? Love has travelled down the years, remaining to touch the next generation.

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The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim by Jules Wake

High Energy And Highly Amusing

The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim by Jules Wake is the most charming contemporary novel that will warm your heart. It is the second book in the Yorkshire Escape series but can be read as a stand-alone.

There is an eclectic mix of characters such as you could meet in real life – from a Grandad to a pair of lovers to a handicapped teen. All of the characters are facing their own unique battles and challenges. As the book progresses, familiar faces from book one pop up along the way.

Swimming is a great leveler. It is a place where your fears and challenges of life melt away for a while as you concentrate on swimming. Everyone is equal in their costumes, goggles and ear plugs. People swim not only to escape but to keep their bodies moving – I can certainly relate as I only learnt to swim in my fifties in 2017 and it enabled me to gain back control of my mobility.

Many characters have personal fears. With love, care and support, these can be faced and overcome.

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The Saturday Morning Park Run by Jules Wake

Leave A Lasting Legacy

The Saturday Morning Park Run by Jules Wake is the most wonderful contemporary novel about love and family and friendship. It celebrates what is most important – family and home.

The main characters are delightful and a real eclectic mix – a septuagenarian, a young woman and man, two children and a stray dog. They all have needs from loneliness to workaholics (“I’d lost some good friends over the years, sacrificed on the alter of my job.”) to feeling unloved and homeless. They are all in need of rescuing from their situations. As individual needs are identified, they are met with much love.

We witness unconditional love in action as each character has the capacity to love and be loved – even a stray dog.

They story revolves around the institution of a park run. It is hoped to bring a park to life and to provide for health needs and community interaction. As people come together, lives open and blossom.

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