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The Paris Sister by Adrienne Chinn

The Roaring Twenties

The Paris Sister by Adrienne Chinn is a marvelous historical novel following the lives of three sisters through the roaring twenties.

The world is in a time of immense change after World War I. The role of women is a complex one. World War I gave women many freedoms but as the men returned home, the lives of women were expected to go back in the box.

The women in the story are all strong characters, knowing their own minds. They believe in equality with men and set out to achieve this in their various ways. The women are forced to be strong due to their personal circumstances as some are coping without their husbands and one is married to a weak man.

This is a cosmopolitan novel as we travel from England to Canada, Paris, Italy and Egypt, following the various characters. Paris after the War is full of gaiety and life. Italy is beautiful with sun, sea and sand. Egypt is wild, dusty and full of adventure as the tomb of Tutankhamun is about to be opened up in 1922. Canada has a wilderness waiting to be tamed.

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The Secret Keeper by Amanda James

Righting Wrongs And Healing Wounds

The Secret Keeper by Amanda James is a wonderful contemporary romantic mystery which I loved.

Set mainly in Tintagel, the scenery comes alive with Amanda James vivid descriptions. The reader ‘walks’ through the action, fully involved rather than a passive participant.

Cornwall is a place ‘of mystery and magic.” The reader ‘experiences’ this air of mystery as they become immersed in the novel.

Skipton is another setting. As I am familiar with ‘the gateway to the dales,’ it was wonderful to ‘see’ the town.

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A Child For The Reich by Andie Newton

Heart Breaking

A Child For The Reich by Andie Newton is a heartbreaking historical tale that consumed me from the start.

The story is fiction but based on fact. The Nazis stole upwards of 200,000 children from Nazi occupied territories and assimilated them into Germany as they had them adopted into Nazi families. It is truly heartbreaking.

This is a story of courage, determination and desperation. It is a mother’s search for her daughter. We witness a love that never gives up. It is a love that will do whatever is necessary with no thought to personal safety.

Andie Newton has perfectly captured the fear and desperation of the Czech mothers and grandmothers as the brown sisters descend on a town.

It was a time of pure evil – but not all Germans were Nazis. There were pockets of goodness, kindness and courage.

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A Winter Warmer At The Little Cornish Kitchen by Jane Linfoot

Stronger Together

A Winter Warmer At The Little Cornish Kitchen by Jane Linfoot is a most delightful contemporary novel that will make you feel good and leave you smiling.

It is written in the first person, enabling the reader to ‘walk’ through the story. The style is easy going and very charming. As a reader we are heavily invested in the life of the lead character.

The setting is a Cornish village where we learn “you are never alone.” There is a wonderful community atmosphere. The village pulls together as one. Everyone has different talents. These are used to serve the community as a whole. People enter the village as strangers who soon become friends.

Characters have suffered loss. Two are wading through grief. No two grief journeys are the same but there are similarities – feelings of guilt, anger, fear. Lives rooted to a moment in time, running from what they fear, walling up lives, afraid to love for fear of loss. They need encouragement to spread their wings and to fly again.

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