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A Winter Warmer At The Little Cornish Kitchen by Jane Linfoot

Stronger Together

A Winter Warmer At The Little Cornish Kitchen by Jane Linfoot is a most delightful contemporary novel that will make you feel good and leave you smiling.

It is written in the first person, enabling the reader to ‘walk’ through the story. The style is easy going and very charming. As a reader we are heavily invested in the life of the lead character.

The setting is a Cornish village where we learn “you are never alone.” There is a wonderful community atmosphere. The village pulls together as one. Everyone has different talents. These are used to serve the community as a whole. People enter the village as strangers who soon become friends.

Characters have suffered loss. Two are wading through grief. No two grief journeys are the same but there are similarities – feelings of guilt, anger, fear. Lives rooted to a moment in time, running from what they fear, walling up lives, afraid to love for fear of loss. They need encouragement to spread their wings and to fly again.

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Rock N Rose by Suzan Holder

A Really Fun Read

Rock N Rose by Suzan Holder is an absolutely delightful contemporary novel that warmed my heart and soul.

The central premise is a really intriguing one that really captures the reader’s imagination. It is so well written by Suzan Holder that the reader wonders, could it actually be true? And to be honest, I wanted it to be true!

Rock N Rose feels like a fairy story for grown-ups. The story surrounds Elvis Presley and Graceland as we travel from the Welsh valleys to Memphis. There has always been a bit of a mystery to Graceland, and a terrible tragedy that Elvis died so young and alone. As Suzan Holder says in her novel, it was a defining moment, we all know where we were when we heard the news on 16th August 1977. I still remember the disbelief that the king of rock and roll was dead. It is a moment where I have been frozen in time (along with where I was and how I felt when I heard that Tommy Jansson, a speedway rider, had died on 20th May 1976, and also when Princess Diana died).

The novel is about love, missed chances and new opportunities. There is so much love that radiates from the pages. There is a love that lasted a lifetime, a new love beginning to bud and a love between a grandmother and her granddaughter. Love does not turn off at the point of death. Love lasts as our memories keep us warm.

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The Polish Girl by Malka Adler


The Polish Girl by Malka Adler is a compelling historical novel that is rooted in fact.

The story is written in the first person as we follow the life of a young girl. The tale alternates between ‘now’ and looking backwards to World War II. 

The reader witnesses the courage and strength needed to survive as a Polish Jewish family under Nazi rule. It was a time of fear, persecution and round-ups. It seemed as though the people were forgotten by the world and by God. “God’s in heaven, and He isn’t asleep.” Faith was clung to, and a hope and desire to survive.

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The Forgotten Beach by Amanda James

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The Forgotten Beach by Amanda James is the most delightful contemporary novel that I just could not put down. It totally warmed my heart.

The novel is set in Cornwall – a landscape of artists, rugged cliffs and crumbling houses. It is a romantic backdrop with wild weather, smugglers caves and hidden coves. It is an area that begs to be explored.

Parallel to the elements is an old family house. It has been forgotten and neglected and is in need of renovation.

Likewise, there are characters who need bringing back to life after being dealt blows. As the house becomes more habitable, lives begin to live again.

An old photograph and a poem hint of an old legend and artefacts to be found. Romance is in the air. Tragedy has struck in the past but we are not destined to repeat the past – or are we? Love has travelled down the years, remaining to touch the next generation.

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