Cats, Cannoli’s And A Curious Kidnapping by Cheryl Denise Bannerman

Stranger Than Fiction

Cats, Cannoli’s and A Curious Kidnapping by Cheryl Denise Bannerman is a contemporary light-hearted suspense that would make a perfect afternoon movie for channel 5.

The novel surrounds a crime author who accidentally stumbles into a real life crime. She finds out that fact really is stranger than fiction.

Told from three alternating points of view, the reader ‘sees’ the action through the eyes of the author, perpetrator and a cop. It is an entertaining and unique read.

As a crazy cat lady, I loved the inclusion of seven cats. My favourite was the black Siamese.

Cats, Cannoli’s and A Curious Kidnapping was a pleasant story to while away a dismal autumn afternoon.

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Traces Of Her by Amanda Brittany

Hunting For The Conclusion

Traces Of Her by Amanda Brittany is a fabulous heart racing contemporary psychological suspense. I was intrigued and glued from the start.

The novel is very cleverly constructed drawing the reader in immediately. It is set in 2001 and present day, from alternating points of view in the first person. As we ‘hear’ different voices, we know who they all are except one. I was gripped and guessing as to who this was, but failed in my attempts.

A cold case murder comes alive as a daughter searches to solve who killed her mum when she was young. She travels to Cornwall and unleashes a can of worms.

Family is important. Love binds members together. Twisted love blows relationships apart. A mother’s love is fiercely protective.

There is the theme of control. Control may be exercised in a number of ways but it is never good.

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The Lost Ones by Anita Frank

Secrets And Lies

The Lost Ones by Anita Frank is a chilling, compulsive historical read that had me gripped from the start.

The novel is set in 1917 at the height of World War I. Already there had been terrible losses in the bloodbath at the Front. A generation of young men lost forever. Lives were devastated as loss consumed. “You learn to live with it. We all learn to carry on in the end.”

Females are seen as having weak constitutions when in reality they were suffering from grief or pregnancy. Their ‘weak’ constitutions meant men tried to dominate and exert their wills. It took strong females to resist them.

Families are complicated affairs. Some have strong bonds, other members dictate. A warped sense of loyalty prompts an unthinkable course of action.

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Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage by Heidi Swain

A Warm Welcome Awaits

Coming Home To Cuckoo Cottage by Heidi Swain is the most charming contemporary novel about overcoming loss, second chances and learning to live again.

Grief can threaten to sink us. We need to find a way through it. The novel shows a great love that reaches beyond the confines of the grave. It is a love that knows just what is needed for a character to come to life and begin to live properly for the first time. I loved the inclusion of a small dog. Dogs can turn a house into a home.

The novel is set in Wynbridge. It is a small town with a big personality. Your business is never your own for long. “Nothing, absolutely nothing, stays private around here.” The reader sees the importance of seeking the truth for themselves as others with agendas may spread rumours that are not true. The upside to living in a small town is that a warm welcome awaits. “It felt like I was going home.” The reader ‘feels’ welcomed as the arms of the community reach beyond the novel.

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