Tell The Truth by Amanda Brittany

Secrets Will Out

Tell The Truth by Amanda Brittany is a fabulous contemporary psychological thriller that will have your heart racing as you read towards its conclusion. Your suspicion level will rise as you try to predict the outcome before the ‘wow’ jaw-dropping moment.

Amanda Brittany is a new author to me but I am now a big fan and cannot wait for her next book. Her style is engaging, drawing me in from the start, as I began to question who was the killer?

The novel has two different time periods – the 1980’s and now – and three different voices including the killer’s, who opens the novel. The reader then spends the novel trying to decipher the voice. Once again I was completely barking up the wrong tree.

Twisting this way and that, Amanda Brittany holds the reader’s attention with her well thought out and intricate plotline. The two distinct voices, one in the third person in the past and one in the first person in the present, both invite confidences from the reader who questions the truth.

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A Woman Of War by Mandy Robotham

The Ultimate Sacrifice

A Woman Of War by Mandy Robotham is a fabulous debut novel set inside Nazi Germany. It is a powerful story using real historical figures blended with the author’s imagination. Some book have the power to really affect the reader – this is one such book.

For me, A Woman Of War spoke of the bravery of women, especially mothers who continually sacrifice their needs for that of their children.

War brings out the very best and the very worst in people. Women, of good moral character, place their lives on the line to practice kindness in a world where there is no kindness. “I had warmed to her… mainly for treating me like a human being.”

The novel has two main settings – Ravensbruick concentration camp and the Berghoff, also known as the wolf’s lair. The reader ‘experiences’ the horrors of the concentration camp from the confines of our sofas. We are horrified at man’s inhumanity to man and our hearts are warmed as women with nothing, try to make childbirth pleasant experience. There is a camaraderie that comes from having nothing and being there to help others in the same position. In contrast, the Berghoff is luxury but one is always just one step away from life in the camp.

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She Was The Quiet One by Michele Campbell

Utterly Brilliant

She Was The Quiet One by Michele Campbell is the most marvellous nail biting contemporary psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The novel opens in the present and then reverts to the past before moving forwards, whilst being peppered with police interviews. The reader ‘knows’ what has happened but not to whom or why. As the action continues, the reader tries to piece together the clues. I came up with a theory – wrong again! See if you can guess the motive for the action.

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The Fifth To Die by J.D. Barker

Heart Stopping Stuff

The Fifth To Die by J.D. Barker is a contemporary psychological murder thriller that will have your heart racing as you speed through the action. It is the sequel to The Fourth Monkey and the second book in the Detective Porter series. I had not read the first book but the gaps in my knowledge were filled in as I read.

With a modern day Houdini committing crimes and the body count rising, the detectives and the reader seemed powerless. We, along with the police, knew the identity of one of the perpetrators as it was apparently revealed in book one, but seemed to be always one step behind.

The action came thick and fast. At times I found it hard to follow but I think that was because I had not read book one… oh how I wish I had now! I did keep up and was glued and guessing to the very end as the plot thickened.

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