The Guilty Party by Mel McGrath

How Well Do You Know Your Friends?

The Guilty Party by Mel McGrath is a gripping contemporary psychological murder thriller that will have the reader involved from the start.

The novel is about a group of friends who feel more like family. They bond together over a shared history and secrets that become ever more deadly. Just how far would you go to maintain an ever darker friendship?

It’s never too late to do the right thing and to tell the truth. How well do you know your friends? Do you know the lengths they will go to to maintain your silence?

The action is set over two weekends… one in August and one in October. It alternates, as does the voice relaying the action which continually raises questions for the reader.

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Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop by Rebecca Raisin

A Match Made In Heaven

Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop by Rebecca Raisin is a delightfully fun contemporary read that will warm your heart and soul. It will make you laugh and it will leave you smiling.

Rebecca Raisin has created a wonderful set of eclectic characters – an obsessive at cleaning chef, a broken hearted bibliophile and a big burly tattooed vegan – together they travel the length and breadth of Britain in their respective camper vans. They go to various festivals, delighting the reader. Along the way they meet others who are equally entertaining.

The reader does not so much read this book as ‘travel’ through it, sampling the sights and sounds along the way.

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The Family Secret by Terry Lynn Thomas

Entertaining Crime Solving

The Family Secret by Terry Lynn Thomas is a fabulous historical thriller set in 1940. It is a time of suspicion and mistrust, of spies and agents, of greed and power.

The backdrop to the action is Cumbria. The peaceful village location contrasts with the thrilling action.

When money and power dominate, people are corrupted. “Never underestimate the corruptive power of money.” Pound signs mean little else can be seen. People will do just about anything to achieve their monetary goal.

Teens on the brink of adulthood feature. It is a tense time as young girls try to break into the grown up world.

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The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan

Cause And Effect

The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan is a gripping contemporary psychological thriller that will have your mind racing to the end.

The novel is about appearances – everything must look perfect for the neighbours – but underneath cracks begin to show before a chasm opens.

We all have choices to make – to tell the truth or to lie? “Trapped by the choices I have already made.” Poor choices mean lies are told to cover up the truth. Can you separate the fact from the fiction? How deep does the truth lie?

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