Ghost by Michael Jack Webb

Complex And Thrilling

Ghost by Michael Jack Webb is an exciting contemporary Christian supernatural thriller. It is the first book in The Justice Chronicles series.

Once again Michael Webb has created a complex plotline that draws the reader in from the start. Life is so much more than we can see, feel and hear. There is the supernatural that exists alongside the ordinary. The reader witnesses the struggle between good and evil. Life is a spiritual battle. In order to defeat the darkness, we need to stand on the word of God.

The characters are realistically drawn. They are fully rounded and believable.

Within the novel we witness a search for roots. We all want to know our history.

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To Steal A Heart by Jen Turano

Of Pooches, Disguises And A Parrot

To Steal A Heart by Jen Turano is an exciting Christian historical novel that will certainly entertain the reader. It is the first book in The Bleaker Street Inquiry Agency series which promises to be fabulous.

The novel has some highly amusing scenes as we follow some very modern and forward thinking women in 1880’s New York. They are far from conventional as they disguise themselves to solve crimes. The reader is delighted by their antics.

A couple of pooches and a parrot with a fetish for shiny things all add to our entertainment.

The basis of the novel is from Genesis 50. What others meant for harm, God used for good. We may feel far from God at times but He is never far from us. He watches over our every movement protecting us from harm.

There is the theme of fathers. In God we have our perfect father. Even if our earthly fathers abandon us, our heavenly Father will never leave us nor forsake us. To Him, we are never an ‘inconvenience’. We are His and we are loved.

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Love On The Fly by Kerry Evelyn

Brighten Your Day

Love On The Fly by Kerry Evelyn is a delightful contemporary Christian romance and the fourth book in the Crane’s Cove series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

I am loving this series. The characters are wonderfully drawn, warm and welcoming. It is good to be able to follow the characters through and witness their growth and development.

It is important to have the correct work-life balance. We witness that health suffers if workaholics do not make time to switch off.

We are not destined to become our parents. We may inherit some of their traits but we can always learn from their mistakes.

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Love On The Edge by Kerry Evelyn

Trust Him

Love On The Edge by Kerry Evelyn is a delightful contemporary Christian romantic suspense and the first book in the Crane’s Cove series.

There are two major themes in the novel. One is of hiding. We are reminded that whatever we face, God will protect and guide us in His love. We can face our tomorrows because God is already there. We can boldly say as in “Joshua 1:9… I am strong and brave because God is with me… Even in the worst of times.”

Within the novel two characters are suffering from PTSD – one is a veteran and the other a victim of a vicious attack. Together they help each other to overcome. They compare their traumas but “my experiences don’t diminish the terror of yours.” Trauma is trauma. Everyone responds differently but there can be no comparisons.

Our experiences build our character. “The good comes from bad and it shapes us.” We learn and grow through our journeys. As we learn to lean on God in the hard times, so we will grow – not only in strength but in our relationship with Him.

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