Recovering Hope by Marion Ueckermann

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Recovering Hope by Marion Ueckermann is such a powerful Christian contemporary read that will shoot your emotions to pieces. It is part of the Potter’s House series and book two in the Shaped By Love series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Marion Ueckermann always writes tales about real issues that affect us all. Recovering Hope is no exception. Marion Ueckermann deals with the difficult topics of stillbirth, depression and suicidal tendencies. These themes are all sensitively but realistically presented. Depression can strike at any time. Sometimes there is a trigger but it may also be due to a chemical imbalance. I am sure we all know someone who has suffered from depression or maybe we have. The important thing is to get help, talk and take the medicine. Do not suffer in silence.

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Mistletoe Melody by Stacey Weeks

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Mistletoe Melody by Stacey Weeks is such a delightful, tender hearted Christian Christmas tale that warms the reader from the start. We are quickly enveloped in the Christmas traditions and atmosphere that will ignite the festive spirit in us all.

The novel requires tissues as it focuses on multiple sclerosis and childhood strokes. Both are difficult topics but sensitively and lovingly portrayed. “God never promised her fair, He promised Himself.” What a powerful statement. God is faithful in the good and the bad times. There are “two broken women singing tentative praises to the God who gives and takes away.” We are to praise God in the valley and the storms as well as on the mountaintop.

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Shadowed By A Spy by Marilyn Turk

Patriotism, Kindness And Prayer

Shadowed By A Spy by Marilyn Turk is a marvelous Christian historical war novel that will have you enthralled from the start.

Set in 1942 Marilyn Turk has clearly done extensive research as she blends fact and fiction to produce a fabulous tale. The reader is treated to an epic novel that focuses on patriotism. Patriotism for the American meant something very different to patriotism for the Nazi. Nazis followed Hitler through brain washing or fear or both. Americans were patriotic because they believed in stopping evil and protecting their land and people. The reader hears about war bonds, digging for victory and concerts to raise morale and funds for the servicemen.

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Liberty: Romance Out Of A Clear, Blue Sky by Kenneth Sumerford

God Vs Scientific Theories

Liberty: Romance Out Of A Clear, Blue Sky by Kenneth Sumerford is a contemporary novel exploring the question of God against the backdrop of a scientific atheist. There is also romance budding.

The novel presents both the Biblical aspect and the scientific explanation. I am not a scientist so some of the theories and detail presented went completely over my head. It did not detract from my overall enjoyment though.

Delightful Native American tales were included to show their beliefs on creation. They were surprisingly similar to the Christian stance.

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