When Mountains Sing by Stacy Monson

Hiker Girl On A Journey

When Mountains Sing by Stacy Monson is a most delightful contemporary Christian novel and part of the Mosaic Collection.

The novel is a journey of discovery to find out not just who we are but whose we are. We all want to know our roots but they are not nearly as important as knowing to whom we belong. We are a child of God whether we realise it or not. “You were never an oops in His eyes… Your true DNA is found in Him.” No matter what the truth about our conception, each one of us was planned by God. We are “exactly who God meant you [us] to be.”

Within the novel there is the theme of family. “Blood isn’t the only thing that makes a family.” Family is the people who love us and look after us. We are also adopted into God’s family. No matter what our past looks like, we can all have a glorious ending with God.

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Jessie And James by Jennifer Beckstrand

What’s Wrong With My Hat?

Jessie And James by Jennifer Beckstrand is the most charming Christian historical romance that warms the heart and soothes the soul.

Jennifer Beckstrand always writes such delightful novels that I sink into from the start. Jessie And James is wonderfully amusing. The lead character is a strong minded young woman who carries a large gun everywhere and isn’t afraid to use it! She meets her match in James who is a wonderful partner for verbal volleys.

The whole novel has a warm family atmosphere with characters bonding over the Word, food and song. Huge hearts realise that men are hungry not just for food but for God.

Characters need Jesus and the best way to show Jesus to them is by kindness. No one responds well to a verbal lashing. Jesus needs to be shown in our actions.

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Love On The Beach by Kerry Evelyn

A Bend In The Road

Love On The Beach by Kerry Evelyn is a delightful, feel-good contemporary Christian romance. It is a novel about trust and second chances and recovering from loss.

Loss consumes. Sometimes we are eaten up with guilt. “So many what-ifs.” We cannot live our lives with one foot in the past, our guilt and regrets will never change what happened. We need to put the past in the past and step into the present. “Sometimes we have to remember to move forward.”

God gives us dreams. Sometimes our dreams change over time. We need to be obedient to God and move when He says move. We must be prepared for God to interrupt and even change our plans. We can trust Him with our lives even when others have left us vulnerable and with trust issues. God will never let us down.

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Infernal Gates by Michael J Webb

The Battle Is Not Yours

Infernal Gates by Michael J Webb is a thrilling Christian end times adventure suspense that will have the reader on the edge of their seat.

Life is so much more than we can see, hear and touch. It is a spiritual battle. “The spiritual realm was more real to her than the one her five senses revealed.” The battle has been raging since the dawn of time. We need to fight it on our knees, calling out to God. The battle is not ours but His.

There is power in the Name of Jesus. At His Name the demons will flee. We need to know that we can call on Jesus at any time.

God has a plan for our lives. Some of us were chosen for such a time as this. No matter how dark life looks, God walks beside us. Life can be horrendous. “Where was God in the camps?” It may seem like God is absent but we cannot rely on our feelings, no matter what they say, God will never leave us. We must be sure to “never give up hope. Even in the darkest places.” Without hope the people perish.

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