A Love Most Worthy by Sandra Ardoin

True Treasure And Inheritance

A Love Most Worthy by Sandra Ardoin is a delightful historical Christian romance set in 1900. It was a time of the gold rush.Miners flocked to the areas to get rich quick. Gold blinded them. True treasure is always found in people and not stuff.

The novel is about discovering our worth. Words spoken over us in the past, either by others or even ourselves do not define us. We need to know who we are in God.

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You Will Surely Not Die by Beth Woods

Uniquely And Cleverly Done

You Will Surely Not Die by Beth Woods is a marvellous Christian contemporary novel which I really enjoyed. It had a totally unique storyline, imagining what life would be like if Adam and Eve had not died but merely been banished from Eden.

I found the tale very reminiscent of the television series Highway To Heaven with Michael Landon – characters have assignments and go where God sends them. God’s messengers interact with characters, helping in their lives.

There are godly lessons to be learnt. We need to tune into God, listen to His voice and obey. We can trust His plans for our lives.

We need to tell people about Jesus and then wait for God to convict them. “I don’t have the ability to save anyone. That is completely God’s doing.”

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When Valleys Bloom Again by Pat Jeanne Davis

Tending The Garden Well

When Valleys Bloom Again by Pat Jeanne Davis is a fabulous debut novel set during WWII. It is full of Godly wisdom and insight.

During a time of war, people need God more than ever. “Where are you, Lord, in all this?” We cannot always see Him but Jesus has promised to never leave us.

There are times in life when we feel abandoned, even by God. “God has forgotten me.” The presence of God has nothing to do with our feelings, He is beside us, whether we ‘feel’ Him or not.

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Mending Fences by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Limitless Love

Mending Fences by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a delightful contemporary Amish novel about healing and new beginnings. It is the first book in a new series, The Deacon’s Family and I cannot wait for the subsequent books.

Broken people are at the heart of the story. Some are broken due to poor choices, others have been broken and shaped by childhood. “God does His best work with messes.” Events have coloured our view of ourselves. We need others to point out our true worth. “You’re not just a girl on the streets. You’re a child of God… a pearl of great price.” We need to turn to God and believe what He tells us. God loves us and His love “wasn’t finite… It was limitless.”

There are some huge hearts for people in the novel that believe that we all deserve second chances. She saw “troubled people… as if she could see the diamond inside.” Kindness, patience and even tough love can all help to transform the troubled soul. Once transformed, hearts want to pay it forward and help others in need.

The novel shows the destructive power of addiction. We need help to overcome and there needs to be a desire for change.

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