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The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck

Do Not Worry Or Be Afraid

The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck is the most wonderful contemporary and historical Christian romance. It is a perfect read, one that will warm your heart and soul. It leaves you feeling good and with a smile on your face as you celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness.

The novel explores how God desires a relationship with us all. Even when we do not know Him or do not acknowledge Him, He is present in our lives, speaking into them. It’s just that we fail to recognise His voice.

Going to church does not necessarily mean knowing God. “She attended church only to be seen by people, not God.” Church in the early twentieth century (and sometimes today) could be seen as a status symbol. It was never God’s intention for this to be so. The church is the people – people who live for God. “He kept his faith quiet and simple.” By viewing one’s example of living out a Christian life, others will be drawn to Jesus.

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A Royal Christmas Wedding by Rachel Hauck

Listening To God

royalA Royal Christmas Wedding by Rachel Hauck is a contemporary Christian romance and the fourth book in the Royal Wedding series. It can however be read as a stand-alone.

I always adore Rachel Hauck’s novels, knowing they will be truly delightful and have the heart of God. This Royal Wedding series has been wonderful. A Royal Christmas Wedding is the stuff of fairytales. It is not airy fairy though as it has God at the centre. God is recognised to be the Lord of our lives. We need to put Him first. Our heavenly Father always wants the best for us.

There is the dilemma of which father to listen to – our earthly father? Or our heavenly One? When they are at odds we need to trust our heavenly Father to work not only in our lives but also in the life of our earthly father.

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The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck

Coming Home

The Wedding ChapelThe Wedding Chapel, wow, another fantastic novel by Rachel Hauck. Everything she writes really impacts and talks to my soul. On the surface it is a beautiful love story, but it is so much more than that.

In The Wedding Chapel Rachel Hauck shows how God always has His hand on our lives. We may not see Him. We may not feel Him, but He is always there. There is so much more to life than what we can see. Life is a spiritual battle, and as Christians we need to immerse ourselves in God’s word daily. Referring to the Bible Sam in the novel says we need to “take a withdrawal and stop trying to make a good life on the devil’s pennies.” The devil is always trying to draw God’s children away from their purpose in life.

Rachel Hauck demonstrates how important a relationship with God is. Her characters know God and recognise that He must be the most important thing in their lives. Taylor, on explaining why she ended a relationship says “I couldn’t hear God’s heart anymore.”

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